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Be An Explorer Circumnavigate These Islands In A Day

download (45)These tiny islands in the Philippines abound with various tourist attractions. Not only they have breathtaking beaches, but they also have other natural and historical spots that travelers will find interesting. These Philippine islands are so small (ranging from 9 to about 605 sq km) you can circumnavigate them in just a day while stopping to visit a number of the attractions they offer to travelers.

But to travel to these islands in one day, you must start early, to make the most of your experience. Or, explore these Philippine islands the day or night before to make the most of your exploits from sunrise to sunset.

Corregidor Island: A World War II Stronghold


Only about an hour or less away from Manila, Corregidor is the nearest where one can easily venture and it is so small, this island can be toured in one day. The easiest way is to take the tour package via the Sun Cruises, where you are ferried to and from the island, take you to the various sights around Corregidor on tram, have a sumptuous lunch at the Corregidor Inn, and enter the Malinta Tunnel. But who says you can't explore other parts of this World War II citadel in a different manner?

You can hike through the jungle or you can bike or drive an ATV around the tadpole-shaped island, from its head to its tail. Zip away from the Inn to the South Beach, where you can also kayak once you get there. Best of all, go around the island aboard one of the outrigger boats and see nearby islands, then cap it with some sport fishing before you head back to Manila.

How to get there:
Take the Sun Cruises ferry from the Esplanade Seaside Terminal. Ferry fare is part of the package.


Camiguin Island: An Island With Many Volcanoes


Another island that you can explore in a day is Camiguin. Start your whole day quest of experiencing what Camiguin has to offer from Barangay Mahinog, the western part of the island, where Benoni Port is located. Better to hire a multi-cab, which are usually parked at the port and can take you to the attractions you want to visit and enjoy. Take a dip at the Katibawasan Falls then proceed down south to the Kibila Beach and Giant Clam Santuary. Take the circumferential road as you go clockwise towards the Sto. Niño Cold Spring and Tuasan Falls before visiting the ruins of the Old Gui-ob Church and cross the sea to the Sunken Cemetery.

If you have more time, sunbathe at the sand bar called The White Island or end your adventure at the Ardent Hot Spring. Don't forget to buy some pastel as souvenir on the way back to your starting point.

How to get there:
From Cagayan de Oro, take a bus to Balingoan port, which is about 2 hours away, where ferries going to Camiguin leave every hour. The ferry takes an hour long and fare starts at Php 100 as it varies from one ferry line to another.


Siquijor Island: Veiled in Mystery



Known to be a mystique island because of the many healers that dwell here, Siquijor is often skipped by travelers, not knowing the many natural and historical gems this place holds. You can visit the various attractions of the island in just a day. As you arrive at Siquijor Port, you are instantly greeted by the breathtaking view of the clear water, white sand, and the green mountains. At the port, tricycles offer travelers a tour of the island. Better yet, rent a motorbike that you can ride as you circumnavigate the island.

But first, drop by at the St. Francis of Assisi Church, which is just outside the port. Ride to the town of San Juan, which is lined by beach resorts. Stop by the Century Old Balete Tree as you enter the town of Lazi and get some ticklish foot spa from the fishes. Visit the San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent at the town proper, then have a thrilling swim at Cambugahay Falls where you can swing by the tree and dive to its waters. From there, cliff dive at the Salagdoong Beach in Maria town. As you go counterclockwise circling the coastal areas, stop by some beach fronts or visit a healer for some relaxing experience. After that, continue on and before you know it, you are back at the Siquijor Port.

How to get there:
From Dumaguete or Cebu or Tagbilaran, take a ferry that plies the Siquijor destination. There are several ferry lines and schedules each day that you can choose from. The shortest route is from Dumaguete, which takes an hour long and fare starts at Php 160 as it varies from one ferry line to another.


Guimaras Island: The Land of Sweet Mangoes


Guimaras Island is another destination that you can tour within a day. Arriving at the Jordan port, you will find the Tourism Assistance Desk that can provide you with information on how you can tour the island, along with tricycles that you can hire as you go around Guimaras. In Jordan, you can see several attractions, such as the Smallest Plaza, Museo de Guimaras, Balaan Bukid Shrine and the Trappist Monastery.

Know more about the sweet mangoes of Guimaras at the Mango Research Center. Turn south to Nueva Valencia town, where the Guisi Lighthouse and Beach, Villa Igang Mangrove Trails, and Alubihod Beach are found. Go counterclockwise as you go to the western part of the island up to its northern tip. Visit mango plantations along the way, have fun at the Camp Alfredo Adventure Resort in Sibunag, view the Guimaras Windmills in San Lorenzo, go to the Roca Encantada and Navalas Church in Buenavista, then return to Jordan. If you are staying for the night, devote the next day for an island hopping tour to the smaller islands nearby.

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Now Book Your Bus Ticket at Your Finger Tips Stonehenge Ecommerce

download (44)Few years back, bus ticket booking was a challenging task for most of the Indians. Right? And, bus is one the most cost-effective ways to travel one city to other. For most of the Indians, bus is the most preferred medium to travel. Earlier it was not easy to get the desired bus ticket in less time. But, with the upgrades and improvement in technology, it becomes an easy affair.  Let's take a quick look on the flashback of the past, when we had to wait hours just for booking the bus ticket or look for an agent if we want ticket on urgent basis but the charges levied by agents certainly burn the holes in our pocket. Isn't it? But, ever since the advent of Internet things become much easier than ever before. Now, anyone can book their bus ticket on their fingertips at the comfort of home. Just like other things, now bus ticket is also available at your fingertips.

Although there are so many websites available for booking bus ticket but some of them are quick, easy and reliable. Want to know these websites? Alright, let's take a quick look: redbus, yatra, makemytrip and runBus which is promoted by Stonehenge ecommerce Private Limited. By using them, you can book your ticket within seconds.They have live ticket inventory which allow you to check the real status of the tickets available.To book your but ticket, all you need to do is select your current city, desired destination, journey date and number of ticket that's all and you are ready to go. You can use your debit or credit card for the online transaction. Or, you can check whether the website is also offering bus ticket on cash on delivery option. As many websites are also offering COD services in some cities. If the website is not offering COD service, you can proceed with net banking or debit card/credit card. Once your transaction is completed, you will receive a SMS on your mobile number and an email which contains all the relevant details of your journey.

Enjoy 100% Safe and Secure Transaction While Paying Online

To make the online transaction highly secured, most of these websites use SSL (secure socket layers) to protect sensitive bank details of their esteemed clients. By using SSL, bank account number, debit card or credit card number, CVV, atm pin number, expiry month & date and all other information are protected in a secure manner. The additional benefit which a user gets from booking the ticket online is that if due to any reason, user is not able to travel he/she can refund the bus ticket and get their money back in the account. When you cancel your bus ticket, you will be provided by a PNR number which helps you to check the refund status of your ticket online. What else a traveler need, if there are bundled benefits of booking bus ticket online? From next time, whenever you have to visit to the other city always prefer to book your bus ticket online and enjoy endless benefits.

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Shopping in the North East

download (43)What is travelling without shopping? Nothing! It's worth buying a few souvenirs that will jog your memories for years to reminiscence your visit. One has to be utmost careful when shopping at travel destinations as it's not your home town where you can simply splurge! The North-East offers a lot of places where you can visit to full fill your shopping wish and it will not need to burn a hole in your pocket. When travelling to a destination, the items for sale and discounts presented by the shop keepers may seem enticing enough, but not discouraging enough to stop you from buying. If you have cash to burn, then it's a different matter altogether. TravelHot offers some amazing travel packages to the North-East.

The most attractive and the most eye-catching of all the shopping items on your list will surely be –handicrafts. Gangtok has many souvenir shops and Lal Bazaar is the best place for shopping. Bargain hard before buying any handicrafts and souvenirs, they are worth it. MG road presents souvenirs on a pricey side and no bargaining is encouraged here. Travellers will find many things to buy besides handicrafts; they will also find bamboo products, wood carvings. If clothing is of any interest to you I would strongly recommend you to buy some traditional Sikkim's wear or any dresses that have traditional designs printed on them. You can also buy some Buddhist artefacts as well.

The next of the list of shopping destinations in the North-East is Darjeeling. Suggested items to buy when in this pristine Hill station are thangka – Tibtiean Paintings, Nepali Khukri and some brass objects. When in Darjeeling visit shopping places like: Chowk bazaar, Chowrasta and Mahakal Market.   In Darjeeling, there will be many stores that sell variety of items – it's the most visited place in the country for tourists. Subtle areas of interest which travelers will find are handlooms, jackets, saris, shawls and many more such items.

Lachung may not offer many options for shopping but there are things that will make you want to buy. Travellers will find local souvenirs, woollen clothing and few things that will be of little interest to you. Why did I recommend it? There are a few things like jewellery items and accessories.  Lachung is a cold place and it offers a good choice when it comes to winter wear. The choices here may not be that great but there's something for everyone.

Whenever one travels to different destinations, it is important to get carried away with the shopping. Shopping can be time consuming and making judicious use of the time allotted is the best thing what one should do. Travel itinerary is usual time bound, and if coming in a group one person's time may not be accommodated in the other one's schedule. These are the simple things that one should bear in mind to make sure a vacation is enjoyable and enough time has to be devoted to the other activities like sightseeing, shopping, eating, get acquainted with the local culture and many more.

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Top 5 Budget Restaurants in Salzburg

budget-restaurants-in-salzburgFood is important, but when you have so many attractions to visit, you don’t feel like spending every penny you have on it. Now, remember the golden rule: if you are not the heir of a rich prince, don’t set foot in the restaurants in the center of the town. Since those are all near attractions that are full of hungry tourists, the price will go very high – because obviously, they know how to take advantage of our weak spot. If, however, you feel like you can hold off for just a little longer, here are a few restaurants that we recommend for you to eat in.

  1. S’Kloane Brauhaus

With the average prices going from $3 to $22, S’Kloane Brauhaus has an exquisite outdoor courtyard. You may want to make a reservation prior to going there (due to the fact that it’s generally busy), but once you get there, you will realize that it was totally worth it. Most customers say that the food there tastes even better than the overly-priced menus in the city center.

  1. Tajmahal

Fans of Indian food can definitely get a good price at the Tajmahal. Previous customers praise the hospitality of the staff, making them feel as if they were eating within a family. Regardless if you are Indian or not, we’re sure you’ll be able to eat a good-priced meal in a cozy atmosphere.

  1. Gasthaus Zwettlers

This budget restaurant has prices going from $6 to $28, and it has a wide range of menus for you to choose from. Whether you want vegetarian meals or gluten-free options, this restaurant lets you eat in a great atmosphere and communicate with staff people which also speak English. To make sure that there are empty tables, you might want to call and book a seat first.

  1. Organic Pizza Salzburg

This restaurant is perfect for vegans or fans of organic food. It has a lot of healthy food options at good prices, which can go from $8 to $13. It’s a small, cozy restaurant within a city with terrible traffic. It may not be a touristic spot, but it’s definitely a place where you can have a good meal at a good price – especially if you are a pizza lover.

  1. Barenwirt

Barenwirt is a great place where you can have lunch between sightseeing and dinner before you go to the hotel. You can get a meal for as little as $10, all of them being mostly traditional Austrian food. Tourists recommend the place as a very memorable experience.

If you want to easily get between your restaurant of choice and your sightseeing spots, you may want to opt for some Salzburg airport transfers.  Considering that Salzburg is always crowded, it might be more of an advantage for you to book such an airport transfer than to wait a long time for a hopefully available and expensive taxi. These transfers will offer you a good price, and they will even let you pick the car.

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A Personalized Touch to Travelling With Luxury Car Service

Built from ground up by a man who thought of giving back to the society is Rob Anhouse, the road warrior providing the Best Car Service NYC can have. His vision of providing a Luxury Car Service in NYC has attributed to his testimonials being bragged about in The Westchester Business Journal!

The Team Greets You

This team has garnered a standing in being thefinest car services in NYCbecause of its dedicated and passionate team of drivers. They've made the roads of NYC their mobile homes and enjoy every bit of it.

A decent car service is a luxury every traveler should experience. With places of importance being scattered all around, traveling can take quite a bit out of you. Being the best car service in NYC, it seeks to bridge compromises made between long travel and comfort.


The Best car service in NYC is recognized for its elite-ness due to its extremely affordable pricing policy. Allowing multiple passengers to get on board at no extra charge, to avoiding parking charges, this prime car service in NYC has stepped up to its competing cab services.

Services Offered

What makes a car service the best car service out there is its ability to adapt to user requirements. Passengers are the least bit worried if they're traveling with a group of friends or with fragile dependents because this car service has its prestigious drivers make arrangements beforehand right from generous boot space to child seats installed and all this can be done through a simple phone or online booking.

It had established reliability through its reputation of being the Best Car Service NYC can have, by allowing riders to use its services for weddings, business meetings, parties and even medical appointments.

Why Would You Want To Choose Us?

Apart from the obvious features, this premier service has to offer; it thrives on the satisfaction of its loyal customer base. Driver turnover is less, so it's likely you'll see your favorite driver soon enough!

Since we believe the holders of the steering wheels are our most prized asset, we provide them insurance and workmen compensation keeping them safe, secure and content which translates into nothing more than the best car service NYCcanhave.


A car services that looks after on-road and off-road issues like tackling the FAQ section for potential riders is a car service worth investing your patience in. Did you know that this luxurious car service doesn't have a threshold for the number of mid-way stops made? It also takes care of your airport timings and accordingly analyses traffic and alternate routes to ensure you reach on time.

Also, pets are allowed!

With personal attention being the crux of this unrivaled team, it can no doubt be termed as a plush car service of NYC that should be experienced by every bustling NYC individual.

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The sights and scenes of festivals and extravaganza at Mongolia

One can spend an entire day in Ulaanbaatar investigating what's on offer outside of the revolting Soviet socialist style engineering and all round dodgy sentiment the city. There's abundantly to see and do here including a stroll through the current Sukhbaatar or the Parliament Square, the Gandan Monastery, the National History Museum and the shopping heaven of the Black Market. At night look at the singing, moving and twisting ability at the Cultural Show before hitting a couple bars and bars.

We started your excursion effortlessly to the tent Camp called 'Gobi Discovery' halting at the town of Dalanzagad in transit. Mongolian towns are commonly little and minimized settlements which are genuinely expansive in size yet without the ruin of a city like Ulaanbaatar. A while later you can got the chance to camp on a high purpose of the Gobi Desert rather close to the town of Tsogoovi. Be set up for deferrals in Mongolia yet get a kick out of being the main individuals in the region. All the space is yours. In transit you can got the opportunity to encounter the popular Nadaam Festival when you can went through the nearby town of Mandal Govi.

You can be the main Westerners there and it is extraordinary to be a part of a customary Mongolian people group festivity, regardless of the possibility that the evening is damaged by an impending which brought about the truck not being discharged from the delicate mud until midnight. Because of substantial movement escaping the city and general street conditions you can get deferred thus chose to set up shrubbery camp for the night which will be guided well only through Mongolia tours.

You may climb in Yolin Am, an excellent gorge in the Gobi which is likewise an ice valley, and which has a colossal ice sheet throughout the entire year. The climb is fantastic in all sorts, magical as they say. In spite of the fact that this sounds loathsome it really made an incredible feeling of brotherhood and at lasts a colossal feeling of accomplishment, all because of Mongolia tours.

You should get to your first ger camp yet after roughly rugged distances you can experience an immense trench of water out and about bringing about you draining the water by hand and construct a street and a dam for the greater part of the evening to help you get over. Set off in the truck from Ulaanbaatar for a drive to the Baga Gazryn Chuluu rock developments in the Gobi desert. It is brimming with wrestling, horse dashing, bows and arrows and carnival style fun. Nadaam signifies "diversions" and the buzz is surrounding you.

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Be Dazzled At The Sight Of The City Built From Rocks

If you are by any chance visiting the Gulf regions and have some time in hand, do not miss out on visiting Petra, one of the major tourist attractions in the region. The city boasts of civilization of nomadic Arabs who had settled down here around 2000 years back. The city is entirely carved out of rocks and presents to you a breathtaking architecture. The magnificence cannot be described unless you see it in person. The area had a rich significance in being a business hub in the past and was the connecting business link between the eastern countries and the western Gulf countries, Greece and Rome.

A must visit site

The city of Petra is around 130 kilometers away from the country's capital city-Jordan. It takes around 3 hours if you travel by car. You have options to go either by using public transport or take a private vehicle on hire.The Petra toursare organized by many travel agencies which are operating locally and providing excellent services for the tourists. They also tailor made the tours as per your choice and design. They arrange to cover all the main spots of interest in Petra. The quality of service is impeccable and they take personal care that each of their tourists is satisfied and have no complaints.

Be pampered by their care

The Petra tours operators take every care of yours. Right from an outstandingitinerary, food at excellent restaurants, and accommodation arrangement at comfortable hotels all are arranged by them. The team is assigned with a personal tour guide who stays along with the group from start till the end. To make you feel at home.theyare giving exquisite gifts of the local souvenirs which you can carry back home as objects to be cherished as memory. In case of any emergency, such as medical the same is handled by these tour operators in an efficient manner. You will never feel out of place when you avail the service of these travel operators.

Wide array of tour choices

The operators have dished out different types of tour packages that can suit your style, budget, and your liking. There are one day tours for people who cannot invest a good amount of time for visiting the places. But, many prefer the multiple day tours as they allow you enough time to discover the history of the city and get enriched by witnessing its rich tradition. You can get in touch with the tour operators beforehand either through the web or over phone to inquire about the details. You can ask them to prepare customized itineraries to suit your requirement along with a quote within your range.

Take time out for this visit

Petra is a not to miss destination. Just chalk out your plan to visit this city and you will cherish it forever. A city entirely carved out of rocks is not something that you can see anywhere in the world. Leverage the facilities offered by these top class tour operators to see this grand city.

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Dandeli River Rafting Delightful Attraction for Tourists of the Place

Rivers are beautiful backdrops which add beauty to a locale and make it more splendid to look. River Kali in Dandeli, Karnataka makes the place an ideal destination for tourists who want to enjoy the best of nature's treasures in her purest and wildest forms. The river also lends room for adventure sports likeDandeli river rafting and moon light boating.

River rafting in Dandeli-one of the best delights in the place

The majestic waters of river Kali flow elegantly by the side of many resorts in Dandeli. With the ebb and flow of river water by their side, these resorts facilitate rafting in river water in full swing. Rafting in an inflatable boat amidst the gushing waters of the river is a thrilling experience that sends you to the heights of excitement without a stop.

Safe and exciting white water rafting in Dandeli

Enjoying river rafting near Bangalore in a place like Dandeli is safe under the expert directions of river guides along with their safety kits and tips. It is highly fun and exhilarating to navigate the river in rapids with its various levels of difficulty like you come across plunges in the height of the river or small rocks that are hidden in water in unexpected moments. It is challenging but turns out to be fun once you follow the instructors' advice to the full.

        Dandeli river rafting is available in two packages like a longer one covering 9 km for four hours and shorter one with half of the duration. Resorts like Kali Adventure Camp, Bison River or Hornbill and many other hotels make arrangements for river rafting in their places and bring forth an experience that could enthrall the visitors for the amazing sport it offers.

There are various adventure sports for tourists to enjoy and relish in the untamed jungles and forests of Dandeli. White water rafting has been a favorite with many of the tourists for the adrenaline rush it offers and unconstrained pleasure it renders as a water sport. Going in between the recesses and small rocks in the waters of river Kali amidst her shrilling sounds and scenic backdrop can be a captivating adventure for any person who loves water's varying colors, wild sounds and rhythmic cadence at night.

        River rafting near Bangalore is a well known activity for holidaying tourists and Dandeli has a unique reputation with its grand Kali offering gushing waters to satisfy the adventurous spirits of its guests.

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Special offers for your perfect family day out during the summer school holidays

That time of year is coming around again. The time that is hugely anticipated by some and dreaded by others… the summer school holidays. How do you keep children occupied for six whole weeks? Which days out in Yorkshire will keep them entertained for more than just a few hours? Is there anything out there to do that won't cost an arm and a leg? These are just a few questions whizzing around the heads of parents all over the country.

If you, like many others, are looking for great days out in Yorkshire that the kids will love, you need look no further - Lightwater Valley, our brilliant Yorkshire theme park, is the perfect solution. With amazing special offers, the UK's largest Angry Birds Activity Park and a huge collection of attractions including the longest roller coaster in Europe, The Ultimate, there's something to keep everybody in the family happy this summer at the most thrilling theme park Yorkshire.

When it comes to family days out in Yorkshire, the kids always want a day that's filled with fun, excitement and laughter - and what a pleasant bonus it is if you can give them this at a fantastically low price. Here at Lightwater Valley, we are offering 30% off for guests who choose to book online, meaning your family day out Yorkshire won't only be amazing but it certainly won't break the bank! If you're interested in this amazing offer, visit our website today to find out more details.

If that's not enough to get you on board, why not take a look at buying one of our park season tickets so you can enjoy family days out in Yorkshire all year round? From only £69 per person (based on a family of five), you can enjoy unlimited thrills, chills and adventures any time you like in 2016. What's more, this includes entry to our amazing Yorkshire theme park for our special Fabulous Fireworks and Frightwater Valley events as well. Days out in Yorkshire have never been better value!

Another great offer for those of you who love a bit of special treatment is our VIP day ticket that can be bought for just £35 per person. It's the perfect way to crank your family day out Yorkshire up a notch, with the offer of park entry, a meal deal voucher so you know that lunch is taken care of, a ride photo voucher and three front-of-queue tickets so you can jump to the front of the line of your three favourite rides. You're making a massive saving by buying VIP tickets and it will make your family day out Yorkshire even more exciting for the kids!

These are just a few of the fantastic offers our Yorkshire theme park has on offer over the school summer holidays. On top of these, we are hosting a selection of exciting events on selected dates including a Teddy Bear's Picnic, Andy Day's Dinosaur Weekend and The Ultimate Plunge bungee challenge. Great days out in Yorkshire really don't get much more exhilarating then they are at Lightwater Valley!

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15 days Everest Base Camp Trekking

Mount Everest is more than the most famous and highest mountain on earth - it has unique beauty, mystery and moods that will leave you in awe. Millions would love to visit this region - this is your opportunity!

Everest base camp is the most popular adventure destination in the Himalaya ever since sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa climbed the Mount Everest in May 1953. Trekking to the Everest base camp in Nepal is an ultimate goal for trekkers and a beginning of the expedition bid for the climbers. The journey to base camp and Kalapathar is once in a lifetime adventure of great challenge and achievement with thrill of being so close next to the tallest mountain on the planet. The scenery is simply breathtaking with parades of glistening peaks, stunning glaciers around, ancient and ornate monasteries and not to forget the fascinating Sherpa culture and tradition.

Walking holidays in Everest region is probably the most popular trekking destination in the world. Trekking in Everest region is justifiably famous, not only for its proximity to the world highest peak and Himalayan sceneries but also for its cheerful Sherpa people, picturesque settlements, colourful festivals, ornate serene monasteries and an outpost of Tibetan Buddhism. Everest treks and climbing route passes through lush forest on the back dropped of stunning mountain peaks. We have separated enough rest days on the way up for proper acclimatisation that also allow you to have plenty of opportunity to visit monasteries and Sherpa villages.

Mount Everest. To the Nepalese it is simply called Sagarmatha, the "sky head". To the Tibetans it is Chomolungma, the mother goddess of the earth. To the rest of the world it is the most renowned mountain of all. When it comes to spectacular breathtaking mountain panoramas, the Everest Trek is without equal. The walk to Everest Base Camp Trekking  from Lukla takes you through lush valleys with abundant flora and fauna, past friendly Sherpa villages and Buddhist monastaries, and far above the treeline towards the earth's highest mountains. Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse and Mt. Everest tower above you on this challenging but very rewarding trek.

We organise teahouse treks in Everest region allow with some camping trekking. Everest walking holidays start and end with a scenic mountain flight landing / taking off at the airstrip of Lukla. we provide the experience trekking guide for guiding for lead the way until your destination, familier asistant guide for help in incase if you have some problem and son on so, , kindness porter for carry your luggage duerin the trekking period. All accomodation with be in lodge or guest house during the trek and there are available continental, chinese, Indian, Nepali foods on the trek.

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How to Get To Stansted Airport

London is one of the most visited and travelled destinations in world, whether for work or for leisure. Hence in order to cater to high volumes of passengers every year, there are many airports ik UK itself that are well connected with different parts of the world like Manchester Airport, Gatwick Airport or Stansted Airport.

Manchester and Heathrow are the busiest ones however in the past few years even Stansted airport is becoming one of the fastest growing airports in the world. Every year almost 25 million passengers travel to and from Stansted Airport from different parts of the world. Therefore a proper and effective infrastructure is required in future in order to handle large number of travellers.

 Modes of Travel from Stansted Airport

Once you have reached the city the first and the foremost thing that you think about is how to get from the airport to your desired destination. Stansted Airport is situated farther outside the city and hence if you want to travel, you might have to do a bit of planning.

One of the most common and taken options can be Stansted Airport Taxi service service. Since there are no taxi ranks particularly outside the airport which normally other airports have, therefore you might need to book the Stansted Airport Taxi beforehand either by phone or booking on the airport itself. For booking on the airport you would have to contact the international arrivals desk of the airport and ask the airport staff to book the Stansted Airport taxi for you. You also have an option of calling cab services that operate in the city. If you are looking for a cheaper option than booking a Stansted Airport Taxi, then here are some options that you can check.

Train Service

Stansted has its own dedicated railway network that joins different cities of United Kingdom. You can easily find trains in the interval of every 15 minutes during the day time and during the peak hours that is early morning and after 5 PM be ready to wait for 30 minutes for the train to arrive. The train service begins from 6 AM in the morning and runs till the midnight. If you want to travel luxury then you can book your ticket on the business class. However, the train other than the business class is also quite comfortable so why spend extra.


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Wildflower Hall A Fairy Tale Luxury Resort

Endless pines and cedars dotting the mountains, wisps of mist and views of magnificent snow peaks... no wonder the British chose Shimla for their summer capital. The crowning glory of Shimla, at 8,250 feet precisely, is the astounding Wildflower Hall, an Oberoi resort. Words can't justify the immense charm and beauty of the resort – picturise yourself sitting by the fire, smoking your pipe, savouring a drink or reading as the world goes by. If history and class make up your cup of tea, Wildflower Hall is just the place for you.

The site where the hotel is located was once the residence of Lord Kitchener who was the commander-in-chief of India's armed forces in the early 20th century. The property was rebuilt to reflect grandeur reminiscent of those times. So there are teak wood floors everywhere, hand-knotted rugs and furnishings complete the picture. You could explore the rich flora and fauna of the Himalayas based at the resort, taking long walks and enjoying the fresh mountain air. For the adventurous type, the resort provides opportunities galore – river rafting, trekking and mountain biking among others.

If you love to laze at the spa, the Wildflower Hall is just the place for you. This fairy tale luxury resort offers an outdoor Jacuzzi apart from a heated swimming pool. Having got an opportunity to stay at the resort for a couple of days, I decided to explore the options at the spa. I opted for the signature indigenous rituals where I got a rejuvenating head massage which was combined with inhalation of essential oils. Then there is a steam therapy as well, and I came out relaxed and rejuvenated after a session at the spa.

The rooms are yet another story altogether. Each room offers views of the gardens, the mountains and the forests around. There are marble bathrooms, LCD TV, satellite television and DVD player, Wi-Fi and all the modern amenities that are expected of a luxury resort. There are Deluxe Garden View Rooms, Premier Garden View Rooms, Premier Mountain View Rooms, Deluxe Suites and the Lord Kitchener Suite. The mountain-view rooms are highly recommended, as most guests would feel.

When it comes to dining, The Restaurant has on its menu Indian, Asian and continental dishes to please the palate of international travellers. Lutyens caters to traditional Indian cooking, and you can enjoy a traditional dinner here as I did. It opens only during the peak season, though, and only for dinner. The Cavalry bar is idea for relaxing with a drink of which there is wide variety.

The best time to visit Shimla is during summer. If you want to experience snowfall, you should visit in winter, but if you are not used to extreme winters, it may not be a great idea. There are many hotels in shimla to suit your budget, but if you can enjoy a stay at The Wildflower Hall, nothing like it! It is the place to head to among all the resorts in Shimla.

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Benefits of Booking Fraser Island Tour Packages

World Heritage Listed Fraser Island is a delightful place to be if you are planning to spend some quality time all by yourself or with your family and friends. Stretching for more than 123 kilometers in length, it's the World's largest sandy island that covers a massive area of 184,000 hectares. Its unique biodiversity and eco system has been the reason why thousands of tourists plan a trip to Fraser Island, all throughout the year. The fascinating history of the island will take you back in time when some 5000 years back, the Butchullah people inhabited the island and called it K'gari meaning paradise. Later on in time, it was discovered by Captain James Cook who sailed by it and then British Cartographer Mathew Flinders landed here and named it the Great Sandy Island. Later still Fraser Island was named after Eliza Fraser, a shipwreck survivor. Reading about the place gives you a background of your destination and adds to the excitement and adventure.


Most of the people both domestic as well as the foreign tourists look for holiday package, that would be all inclusive, pocket friendly and most importantly will deliver what is promised on the Booklets, Brochures and Websites. For its extremely transparent business dealings, Sunset Safaris has obtained the trust of tourists for the past 15 years and has become the most well known name in Fraser Island Tourism. They offer incredible Holiday Packages filled with exciting activities and adventure tours for those tourists who are planning to add some zing to their routine life. With all tour packages, the tourists get free room upgradation depending on availability and a free tour of the famous Cooloola National Park. On top of it, for people doing direct bookings there's price match guarantee. All tours of Sunset Safaris are eco-friendly and as they have all the permits from the authorities and hence they can take the tourists to show all attractions which other tour companies cannot.


For a truly comfortable tour of this sandy island the tour operators have 4WD coaches and smaller vehicles with all forward facing seats and huge windows from where one can observe the passing scenery without any hindrance. The tour company offer Queensland Fraser Island Tours from Brisabne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Noosa and in Cooloola, your free tour will include a visit to the colorful Rainbow Beach, Teewah Beach, Double Island point, Red Canyon and Noosa north shore. In Fraser Island you'll enjoy a 4WD drive along the 75 mile Eurong beach and the opportunity to see the Cathedrals (Huge Sand Dunes). Have a great time floating downstream in the fast flowing waters of Eli's Creek and Wanggoolba Creek. Then there's Yidney dripping rocks and Indian Head from where you can sight a variety of marine animals including sharks floating close to the beach. From top of many big sand dunes you can do sand tobogganing that involves coming down from top of a dune at a speed of 50 to 70 km per hour holding on to a sand board. The wonderful perched lakes are just the place to relax and so are the Champagne pools, Fraser Island tours would not be complete without snorkelling to explore the water world. Here you'll see the colorful corals, reef fishes, giant turtles and many other marine plants and animals. Fraser Island night tour for which sunset safaris is famous for, will take you to see the Maheno shipwrecks at night with the underwater lights illuminating the transparent kayaks, the place looks magical. This tour company also offers other Australia holiday tour packages and with their friendly tour guides looking after all minute details, your holiday are sure to become smashing hits.

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