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A Personalized Touch to Travelling With Luxury Car Service

Built from ground up by a man who thought of giving back to the society is Rob Anhouse, the road warrior providing the Best Car Service NYC can have. His vision of providing a Luxury Car Service in NYC has attributed to his testimonials being bragged about in The Westchester Business Journal!

The Team Greets You

This team has garnered a standing in being thefinest car services in NYCbecause of its dedicated and passionate team of drivers. They've made the roads of NYC their mobile homes and enjoy every bit of it.

A decent car service is a luxury every traveler should experience. With places of importance being scattered all around, traveling can take quite a bit out of you. Being the best car service in NYC, it seeks to bridge compromises made between long travel and comfort.


The Best car service in NYC is recognized for its elite-ness due to its extremely affordable pricing policy. Allowing multiple passengers to get on board at no extra charge, to avoiding parking charges, this prime car service in NYC has stepped up to its competing cab services.

Services Offered

What makes a car service the best car service out there is its ability to adapt to user requirements. Passengers are the least bit worried if they're traveling with a group of friends or with fragile dependents because this car service has its prestigious drivers make arrangements beforehand right from generous boot space to child seats installed and all this can be done through a simple phone or online booking.

It had established reliability through its reputation of being the Best Car Service NYC can have, by allowing riders to use its services for weddings, business meetings, parties and even medical appointments.

Why Would You Want To Choose Us?

Apart from the obvious features, this premier service has to offer; it thrives on the satisfaction of its loyal customer base. Driver turnover is less, so it's likely you'll see your favorite driver soon enough!

Since we believe the holders of the steering wheels are our most prized asset, we provide them insurance and workmen compensation keeping them safe, secure and content which translates into nothing more than the best car service NYCcanhave.


A car services that looks after on-road and off-road issues like tackling the FAQ section for potential riders is a car service worth investing your patience in. Did you know that this luxurious car service doesn't have a threshold for the number of mid-way stops made? It also takes care of your airport timings and accordingly analyses traffic and alternate routes to ensure you reach on time.

Also, pets are allowed!

With personal attention being the crux of this unrivaled team, it can no doubt be termed as a plush car service of NYC that should be experienced by every bustling NYC individual.

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The sights and scenes of festivals and extravaganza at Mongolia

One can spend an entire day in Ulaanbaatar investigating what's on offer outside of the revolting Soviet socialist style engineering and all round dodgy sentiment the city. There's abundantly to see and do here including a stroll through the current Sukhbaatar or the Parliament Square, the Gandan Monastery, the National History Museum and the shopping heaven of the Black Market. At night look at the singing, moving and twisting ability at the Cultural Show before hitting a couple bars and bars.

We started your excursion effortlessly to the tent Camp called 'Gobi Discovery' halting at the town of Dalanzagad in transit. Mongolian towns are commonly little and minimized settlements which are genuinely expansive in size yet without the ruin of a city like Ulaanbaatar. A while later you can got the chance to camp on a high purpose of the Gobi Desert rather close to the town of Tsogoovi. Be set up for deferrals in Mongolia yet get a kick out of being the main individuals in the region. All the space is yours. In transit you can got the opportunity to encounter the popular Nadaam Festival when you can went through the nearby town of Mandal Govi.

You can be the main Westerners there and it is extraordinary to be a part of a customary Mongolian people group festivity, regardless of the possibility that the evening is damaged by an impending which brought about the truck not being discharged from the delicate mud until midnight. Because of substantial movement escaping the city and general street conditions you can get deferred thus chose to set up shrubbery camp for the night which will be guided well only through Mongolia tours.

You may climb in Yolin Am, an excellent gorge in the Gobi which is likewise an ice valley, and which has a colossal ice sheet throughout the entire year. The climb is fantastic in all sorts, magical as they say. In spite of the fact that this sounds loathsome it really made an incredible feeling of brotherhood and at lasts a colossal feeling of accomplishment, all because of Mongolia tours.

You should get to your first ger camp yet after roughly rugged distances you can experience an immense trench of water out and about bringing about you draining the water by hand and construct a street and a dam for the greater part of the evening to help you get over. Set off in the truck from Ulaanbaatar for a drive to the Baga Gazryn Chuluu rock developments in the Gobi desert. It is brimming with wrestling, horse dashing, bows and arrows and carnival style fun. Nadaam signifies "diversions" and the buzz is surrounding you.

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Be Dazzled At The Sight Of The City Built From Rocks

If you are by any chance visiting the Gulf regions and have some time in hand, do not miss out on visiting Petra, one of the major tourist attractions in the region. The city boasts of civilization of nomadic Arabs who had settled down here around 2000 years back. The city is entirely carved out of rocks and presents to you a breathtaking architecture. The magnificence cannot be described unless you see it in person. The area had a rich significance in being a business hub in the past and was the connecting business link between the eastern countries and the western Gulf countries, Greece and Rome.

A must visit site

The city of Petra is around 130 kilometers away from the country's capital city-Jordan. It takes around 3 hours if you travel by car. You have options to go either by using public transport or take a private vehicle on hire.The Petra toursare organized by many travel agencies which are operating locally and providing excellent services for the tourists. They also tailor made the tours as per your choice and design. They arrange to cover all the main spots of interest in Petra. The quality of service is impeccable and they take personal care that each of their tourists is satisfied and have no complaints.

Be pampered by their care

The Petra tours operators take every care of yours. Right from an outstandingitinerary, food at excellent restaurants, and accommodation arrangement at comfortable hotels all are arranged by them. The team is assigned with a personal tour guide who stays along with the group from start till the end. To make you feel at home.theyare giving exquisite gifts of the local souvenirs which you can carry back home as objects to be cherished as memory. In case of any emergency, such as medical the same is handled by these tour operators in an efficient manner. You will never feel out of place when you avail the service of these travel operators.

Wide array of tour choices

The operators have dished out different types of tour packages that can suit your style, budget, and your liking. There are one day tours for people who cannot invest a good amount of time for visiting the places. But, many prefer the multiple day tours as they allow you enough time to discover the history of the city and get enriched by witnessing its rich tradition. You can get in touch with the tour operators beforehand either through the web or over phone to inquire about the details. You can ask them to prepare customized itineraries to suit your requirement along with a quote within your range.

Take time out for this visit

Petra is a not to miss destination. Just chalk out your plan to visit this city and you will cherish it forever. A city entirely carved out of rocks is not something that you can see anywhere in the world. Leverage the facilities offered by these top class tour operators to see this grand city.

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Dandeli River Rafting Delightful Attraction for Tourists of the Place

Rivers are beautiful backdrops which add beauty to a locale and make it more splendid to look. River Kali in Dandeli, Karnataka makes the place an ideal destination for tourists who want to enjoy the best of nature's treasures in her purest and wildest forms. The river also lends room for adventure sports likeDandeli river rafting and moon light boating.

River rafting in Dandeli-one of the best delights in the place

The majestic waters of river Kali flow elegantly by the side of many resorts in Dandeli. With the ebb and flow of river water by their side, these resorts facilitate rafting in river water in full swing. Rafting in an inflatable boat amidst the gushing waters of the river is a thrilling experience that sends you to the heights of excitement without a stop.

Safe and exciting white water rafting in Dandeli

Enjoying river rafting near Bangalore in a place like Dandeli is safe under the expert directions of river guides along with their safety kits and tips. It is highly fun and exhilarating to navigate the river in rapids with its various levels of difficulty like you come across plunges in the height of the river or small rocks that are hidden in water in unexpected moments. It is challenging but turns out to be fun once you follow the instructors' advice to the full.

        Dandeli river rafting is available in two packages like a longer one covering 9 km for four hours and shorter one with half of the duration. Resorts like Kali Adventure Camp, Bison River or Hornbill and many other hotels make arrangements for river rafting in their places and bring forth an experience that could enthrall the visitors for the amazing sport it offers.

There are various adventure sports for tourists to enjoy and relish in the untamed jungles and forests of Dandeli. White water rafting has been a favorite with many of the tourists for the adrenaline rush it offers and unconstrained pleasure it renders as a water sport. Going in between the recesses and small rocks in the waters of river Kali amidst her shrilling sounds and scenic backdrop can be a captivating adventure for any person who loves water's varying colors, wild sounds and rhythmic cadence at night.

        River rafting near Bangalore is a well known activity for holidaying tourists and Dandeli has a unique reputation with its grand Kali offering gushing waters to satisfy the adventurous spirits of its guests.

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