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Top 5 Budget Restaurants in Salzburg

budget-restaurants-in-salzburgFood is important, but when you have so many attractions to visit, you don’t feel like spending every penny you have on it. Now, remember the golden rule: if you are not the heir of a rich prince, don’t set foot in the restaurants in the center of the town. Since those are all near attractions that are full of hungry tourists, the price will go very high – because obviously, they know how to take advantage of our weak spot. If, however, you feel like you can hold off for just a little longer, here are a few restaurants that we recommend for you to eat in.

  1. S’Kloane Brauhaus

With the average prices going from $3 to $22, S’Kloane Brauhaus has an exquisite outdoor courtyard. You may want to make a reservation prior to going there (due to the fact that it’s generally busy), but once you get there, you will realize that it was totally worth it. Most customers say that the food there tastes even better than the overly-priced menus in the city center.

  1. Tajmahal

Fans of Indian food can definitely get a good price at the Tajmahal. Previous customers praise the hospitality of the staff, making them feel as if they were eating within a family. Regardless if you are Indian or not, we’re sure you’ll be able to eat a good-priced meal in a cozy atmosphere.

  1. Gasthaus Zwettlers

This budget restaurant has prices going from $6 to $28, and it has a wide range of menus for you to choose from. Whether you want vegetarian meals or gluten-free options, this restaurant lets you eat in a great atmosphere and communicate with staff people which also speak English. To make sure that there are empty tables, you might want to call and book a seat first.

  1. Organic Pizza Salzburg

This restaurant is perfect for vegans or fans of organic food. It has a lot of healthy food options at good prices, which can go from $8 to $13. It’s a small, cozy restaurant within a city with terrible traffic. It may not be a touristic spot, but it’s definitely a place where you can have a good meal at a good price – especially if you are a pizza lover.

  1. Barenwirt

Barenwirt is a great place where you can have lunch between sightseeing and dinner before you go to the hotel. You can get a meal for as little as $10, all of them being mostly traditional Austrian food. Tourists recommend the place as a very memorable experience.

If you want to easily get between your restaurant of choice and your sightseeing spots, you may want to opt for some Salzburg airport transfers.  Considering that Salzburg is always crowded, it might be more of an advantage for you to book such an airport transfer than to wait a long time for a hopefully available and expensive taxi. These transfers will offer you a good price, and they will even let you pick the car.

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