All You Need To Know About Last Minute Travel Essentials

Have you packed your bag right?

Need to rush on a last minute unplanned trip? Do not panic. With these travel essentials on your list, you’ll be ready to board at a moment’s notice.

  1. A) Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Eye masks are the simplest and effective way to have a peaceful sleep when on the flight. This makes your brain sense pure darkness, which helps the brain to produce melatonin, which makes you sleep. Earplugs also do the same job. If in case you do not find eye mask you can go for earplugs as well. The logic behind is when you cut out both noise and light there are improved chances of you having a sound sleep on your Mumbai to Chennai flights.

  1. B) Universal Charger Adapter

The All-in-One Universal Travel Adapter which is a compact unit with a USB adapter that you can use almost anywhere and for every device.

  1. C) Resealable Plastic Bags

You can use these plastic bags to pack your liquids when you’re going through airport checking. These bags are very easy to use and can be used to organize things in order. You can pack anything that is damp, like your used towel, bathing suit and more.

  1. D) Carry pain relievers

A headache can be the biggest turn off especially if you’re on your flight, in the hotel room or anywhere far from a pharmacy. So to avoid this last minute hassle you can talk to your doctor and get a list of prescribed medicines. A headache can be caused due to many reasons like bright sun on the beach, over drinking at the party and more.

  1. E) Eyeglasses Prescription

Keep a copy of your optical prescription with all the other important documents. If possible carry a second pair of eyeglasses. This will help you in case if you break your glasses in any activity or even if you misplace them.

  1. F) Snacks

Midnight hunger can strike anytime be in the middle of the flight or even at midnight in your hotel room. And you would not want to spend extra bucks on overpriced food served by the hotel room services. To deal with this hunger pangs you can keep nuts, energy bars, chips in your luggage. My personal favorite is Muesli bars.

  1. G) Travel Document Holder

For someone who is organized like me, you would always want to have your things in its place. I like to keep my all travel related documents in one place. Be it my boarding pass, hotel confirmation, itinerary, passport, identity proof documents and photocopies of these documents. In case if your phone’s battery is dead and you need to show your Mumbai to Chennai flights boarding pass to the airport security, you might land in big trouble. I prefer to keep a copy of my boarding pass to avoid the hassle. You should do it too. There’s nothing bad about being organized. It will only help you better your travel experience.

  1. H) Travel light

Last but definitely not the least. Ensure to keep your luggage light. Remember the light you carry, the less hassle you got to deal with. Traveling around with a heavy luggage can be troublesome. Make sure you pack all the essentials mentioned above, keeping it light.

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