Classy Berlin

The capital city of Germany is rich and classy with history and culture. After World War II and

the Cold War, Berlin has been recreated into an international city. If you want an elegant tour,

you may visit right now to get best tour deals.

Classy Berlin

How to get there and stay:

Flights are available from all around the world to Berlin-Tegel Airport. There are plenty of bus

and train lines from the airport to the city.

 Top Tourist Attractions:

Brandenburg Gate- Situated in the western part of Berlin, this city gate was a site of protest

during the division of Germany and a place for celebration when the wall fell in 1989. Today it is

the symbol of the reunification of East and West Berlin.

Reichstag- It is the seat of the German Parliament and an historic landmark. Some historical

scars such as graffiti left by Soviet soldiers are left as a tribute to the building’s difficult past.

Holocaust Memorial- Situated near the Brandenburg Gate, it is a powerful tribute to the Jews

that died as a result of Hitler’s extermination plan.

East Side Gallery- Described as a memorial to freedom, this longest stretch of the Berlin wall

showcases paintings of artists from around the world.

Museum Island- The Museum Island is located between the Spree River and Kupfergraben. It

consists of five museums.

Memorial Church- The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is in the center of Breitscheidplatz in


Unter den Linden- This east-west route through Berlin is beautifully lined with Linden trees

planted in the mid 1600s.

Potsdamer Platz- It is a vibrant corner of Berlin for art, entertainment and shopping.

Check Point Charlie- It is one of the best known crossing points of the Berlin wall. Checkpoint

Charlie is named by the Western Allies, and has emotional and historical significance.

Tiergarten- The Grober Tiergarten was once a hunting ground of the Brandenburg elite. Now it

is an urban park in central Berlin.

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