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Dandeli River Rafting Delightful Attraction for Tourists of the Place

Rivers are beautiful backdrops which add beauty to a locale and make it more splendid to look. River Kali in Dandeli, Karnataka makes the place an ideal destination for tourists who want to enjoy the best of nature's treasures in her purest and wildest forms. The river also lends room for adventure sports likeDandeli river rafting and moon light boating.

River rafting in Dandeli-one of the best delights in the place

The majestic waters of river Kali flow elegantly by the side of many resorts in Dandeli. With the ebb and flow of river water by their side, these resorts facilitate rafting in river water in full swing. Rafting in an inflatable boat amidst the gushing waters of the river is a thrilling experience that sends you to the heights of excitement without a stop.

Safe and exciting white water rafting in Dandeli

Enjoying river rafting near Bangalore in a place like Dandeli is safe under the expert directions of river guides along with their safety kits and tips. It is highly fun and exhilarating to navigate the river in rapids with its various levels of difficulty like you come across plunges in the height of the river or small rocks that are hidden in water in unexpected moments. It is challenging but turns out to be fun once you follow the instructors' advice to the full.

        Dandeli river rafting is available in two packages like a longer one covering 9 km for four hours and shorter one with half of the duration. Resorts like Kali Adventure Camp, Bison River or Hornbill and many other hotels make arrangements for river rafting in their places and bring forth an experience that could enthrall the visitors for the amazing sport it offers.

There are various adventure sports for tourists to enjoy and relish in the untamed jungles and forests of Dandeli. White water rafting has been a favorite with many of the tourists for the adrenaline rush it offers and unconstrained pleasure it renders as a water sport. Going in between the recesses and small rocks in the waters of river Kali amidst her shrilling sounds and scenic backdrop can be a captivating adventure for any person who loves water's varying colors, wild sounds and rhythmic cadence at night.

        River rafting near Bangalore is a well known activity for holidaying tourists and Dandeli has a unique reputation with its grand Kali offering gushing waters to satisfy the adventurous spirits of its guests.

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