How Does Our Airline / Cruise Group Service Work?

Alexia.H, our Expert specializing in Group Travel by Airplane and Cruise, today presents the functioning of the LK Tours and Europatours services.


There are currently two maritime cruise aircraft services; one is located in Colmar at the headquarters LK TOURS / EUROPATOURS and the other in Muttersholtz about ten kilometers from Sélestat. The teams of these two services will be happy to welcome and share their expertise with the group leaders. Each department currently has two Travel Experts. We also have a commercial that represents the two brands LKTOURS and EUROPATOURS and moves from the North of Alsace to Franche-Comté. This allows our agency to keep a close proximity with our clients groups.

Whether you are an association, a friendly, a group of friends, a family or a works council, our staff is responsible for directing you to medium or long-haul destinations such as stays, tours or cruises depending on your expectations, your desires and your budget.


The LK TOURS / EUROPATOURS network collaborates with partners from all over the world (airlines, cruise passengers, tour operators, receptive agencies abroad …) and our travel consultants carefully select them for stays, tours or cruises quality in order to satisfy their customers and make their journey pleasant and unforgettable!

Until the day of departure, the agents are there to accompany and inform the members of a group in the organization of their stay!

This is why, more and more often, we propose to our leaders of groups information meetings with remittances of the travel logs about a fortnight before the departure. This time allows future travelers to meet the person who handled their file and ask the final questions about the journey.


An ongoing project? Do not hesitate to contact us, we take care of everything!

You can meet us directly in the agency ( Colmar or Muttersholtz ) or make a request via our website .

But also:
During the year, various fairs around the theme of travel take place in the region, notably one of the most important ones, the International Tourism and Travel Exhibition which takes place every November in the Parc des Expositions in Colmar. Here is also an opportunity to meet our teams and share your future plans!