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How to Get To Stansted Airport

London is one of the most visited and travelled destinations in world, whether for work or for leisure. Hence in order to cater to high volumes of passengers every year, there are many airports ik UK itself that are well connected with different parts of the world like Manchester Airport, Gatwick Airport or Stansted Airport.

Manchester and Heathrow are the busiest ones however in the past few years even Stansted airport is becoming one of the fastest growing airports in the world. Every year almost 25 million passengers travel to and from Stansted Airport from different parts of the world. Therefore a proper and effective infrastructure is required in future in order to handle large number of travellers.

 Modes of Travel from Stansted Airport

Once you have reached the city the first and the foremost thing that you think about is how to get from the airport to your desired destination. Stansted Airport is situated farther outside the city and hence if you want to travel, you might have to do a bit of planning.

One of the most common and taken options can be Stansted Airport Taxi service service. Since there are no taxi ranks particularly outside the airport which normally other airports have, therefore you might need to book the Stansted Airport Taxi beforehand either by phone or booking on the airport itself. For booking on the airport you would have to contact the international arrivals desk of the airport and ask the airport staff to book the Stansted Airport taxi for you. You also have an option of calling cab services that operate in the city. If you are looking for a cheaper option than booking a Stansted Airport Taxi, then here are some options that you can check.

Train Service

Stansted has its own dedicated railway network that joins different cities of United Kingdom. You can easily find trains in the interval of every 15 minutes during the day time and during the peak hours that is early morning and after 5 PM be ready to wait for 30 minutes for the train to arrive. The train service begins from 6 AM in the morning and runs till the midnight. If you want to travel luxury then you can book your ticket on the business class. However, the train other than the business class is also quite comfortable so why spend extra.


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