How To Prepare Well For Your Plane Trip

Want to broaden your horizons and opt for a plane trip? Then you will need some tips to properly prepare your getaway, follow me!

parents and little daughter using laptop at airport

1.Book your ticket

In front of the multitude of possibilities, I advise you to approach your travel agent, who will be able to advise you and bring his expertise during the reservation.

Only one rule has to be known to save money: book in advance!

If your dates are fixed then do not wait any longer! The prices are determined according to the filling of the device, therefore first arrived, first served! By using your identity document, your travel agent will make the reservation taking care to correctly indicate your surnames and first names (station spelling errors!).


Reminder: Identity cards expired from January 1, 2014 have a prolonged validity of 5 years – that is the rule on paper. In reality, many countries do not recognize this extension of validity and therefore refuse to enter the country! Yes, you must present yourself to a customs officer with a document whose validity date is exceeded … So to leave with serenity, ask your travel agent to provide you a certificate, so as to update your card d for free! And hop ! Less stress.


In addition to saying Hello, Au Revoir and Merci, we will investigate whether the electrical outlets are identical to ours, or whether we need an electric adapter.

We will also learn about possible health risks, vaccines and other information in relation to insects, potential risks … To be tied to the subject, visit the website – section ‘Advice for travelers’.


Checked baggage or cabin luggage? Pay attention to the dimensions and weight allowed for each of them. To be sure, go to the website of the airline, heading luggage.

For your cabin luggage, remember the rules in force since 2006: for liquid products, pastes, gels and spray: no more than 100ml per product, placed in a transparent bag (type zip freezer bag). More than 100 ml? Place them in the luggage that leaves in the hold!

Your medication must also travel with you, in the cabin (it would be to not be late in your treatment if your luggage keeps getting lost).

Since we are talking about luggage, a little extra advice: place a photocopy of your identity document in your luggage! Useful in case of loss or theft of the original.

5. Airplane Pilot?

The probability of his plane crashing is very small. Discovery tells you that an accident occurs on a flight of 1.2 million on average. If one believes the New York Times, statistically, a passenger should even take a plane every day for 123,000 years before dying in a crash. So reassured?