Jonah Engler – Safety Tips While Traveling In New York!

People across the world are fascinated by the glitz and the glamor of New York. It is one of the most travelled cities in the USA. It is known for its vibrancy, culture and art. The city is a very popular and safe however there are dangers associated with it if you are not aware and careful!

Safety Tips While Traveling In New York

Jonah Engler – beware of street vendors and scams

Jonah Engler is an investment professional in New York and he says when you visit the city you will find many scammers ready to fool innocent and gullible people. He says that most of the time people are caught off their guard and they fail to see the malicious intentions of the person. There are scams where people are often distracted by the presence of a friendly dog and later their pockets are picked. There are also cases where you will find street vendors on the road. They sell you attractive items on Fifth Street and Grand Central Station. They state that they are selling genuine products from Tiffany and on first glance you will believe them. The items are fake. They do look good and you will be tempted to buy them. This is a common fraud in the city and people fall prey to this scam. This means if you are in New York for any reason ensure you go to genuine stores and buy stuff from there.

Grand Central Station – stay away from well-dressed scammers

Another common instance of scam occurs at Grand Central Station. There you will meet people that will tell you that they need a ticket home. They are well-dressed and you really will not have any reason to suspect them until you realize that they are scammers. This has practically taken place with many first-time visitors in New York and is a common practice.

Be aware of specific neighborhoods in the night

When you are in New York, stay safe when you visit specific neighborhoods in the city. For instance, Harlem. This place is infested with criminals. You are at liberty to explore the city however do not venture into Harlem in the night. When you are traveling in New York, keep a map and know what your transportation options are. You should be aware of the nearest subway station in case you have to reach there fast. Central Park like Harlem should be visited during the day. Avoid going to Central Park in the night.

Jonah Engler says that when you are traveling in New York stay safe from street vendors. Make sure you have all your emergency contact numbers with you. Travel mostly during the day and go to major tourist spots so that you face no threats to your life from criminals who look out for gullible victims. Before you travel to New York, read up on the city and make sure that you get all the salient details of the places you wish to visit so that you avoid fraud and do not fall prey to malicious scammers!