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Make Touring Fun at Plassey Caravan Site

If the holiday season is in full flow, and you are still doubtful of your next touring destination, then this can lead to disappointed family and friends. Holiday season is the one time of the year where you all get-together and expect a relaxing retreat in the lap of nature, away from the chaos and noise of the ever active city. If you are a traveller at heart and in love with touring in motor homes, caravans or with your own tent, then the decision to go to one of the leading touring caravan sites North Wales is the best one for you. Plassey, one of the leading North Wales caravan sites, offers you the best of both worlds - a natural retreat that is environmentally friendly while being a cosy option that is set within a 237 acre spread.

Plassey caravan site also offers luxury holiday homes available for sale as well and all of these come with Wi-Fi connectivity and there is also a secure and large parking area for up to 30 caravans. This site offers a hair and make-up salon, heated swimming pool, shops and restaurants which are open every day of the week. The Plassey retreat is conveniently located for travelling to nearby areas as well, in the case that you wish to explore North Wales and its scenic beauty to the fullest - when you are freed from the multiple engaging and interesting activities found within the Plassey site of course!

Holidaying is an art and therefore proper reading up on any place and the activities and tours it offers is integral to research. At plassey.com you have easy access to all of its latest news and caravan friendly packages that allow you to spend quality time with family and friends, not to forget the most important part of your family which is your pet.

Yes, Plassey is pet-friendly and also works hard at helping to conserve the environment and thus if you holiday here you will experience one of the most conscious and eco-friendly touring caravan parks North Wales has to offer. So, why not pack your bag and get ready for an adventurous yet relaxing holiday which you can enjoy to the fullest by opting for caravans and tents that are well suited for you and your family needs. Comfort is essential when on the road and at the holiday spot if one is to make the holiday a memorable one, and Plassey is your best option in North Wales. You get access to water and electricity options and can also buy caravan essentials from shops located within the vicinity, making your trip easy.

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