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Benefits of Booking Fraser Island Tour Packages

World Heritage Listed Fraser Island is a delightful place to be if you are planning to spend some quality time all by yourself or with your family and friends. Stretching for more than 123 kilometers in length, it's the World's largest sandy island that covers a massive area of 184,000 hectares. Its unique biodiversity and eco system has been the reason why thousands of tourists plan a trip to Fraser Island, all throughout the year. The fascinating history of the island will take you back in time when some 5000 years back, the Butchullah people inhabited the island and called it K'gari meaning paradise. Later on in time, it was discovered by Captain James Cook who sailed by it and then British Cartographer Mathew Flinders landed here and named it the Great Sandy Island. Later still Fraser Island was named after Eliza Fraser, a shipwreck survivor. Reading about the place gives you a background of your destination and adds to the excitement and adventure.


Most of the people both domestic as well as the foreign tourists look for holiday package, that would be all inclusive, pocket friendly and most importantly will deliver what is promised on the Booklets, Brochures and Websites. For its extremely transparent business dealings, Sunset Safaris has obtained the trust of tourists for the past 15 years and has become the most well known name in Fraser Island Tourism. They offer incredible Holiday Packages filled with exciting activities and adventure tours for those tourists who are planning to add some zing to their routine life. With all tour packages, the tourists get free room upgradation depending on availability and a free tour of the famous Cooloola National Park. On top of it, for people doing direct bookings there's price match guarantee. All tours of Sunset Safaris are eco-friendly and as they have all the permits from the authorities and hence they can take the tourists to show all attractions which other tour companies cannot.


For a truly comfortable tour of this sandy island the tour operators have 4WD coaches and smaller vehicles with all forward facing seats and huge windows from where one can observe the passing scenery without any hindrance. The tour company offer Queensland Fraser Island Tours from Brisabne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Noosa and in Cooloola, your free tour will include a visit to the colorful Rainbow Beach, Teewah Beach, Double Island point, Red Canyon and Noosa north shore. In Fraser Island you'll enjoy a 4WD drive along the 75 mile Eurong beach and the opportunity to see the Cathedrals (Huge Sand Dunes). Have a great time floating downstream in the fast flowing waters of Eli's Creek and Wanggoolba Creek. Then there's Yidney dripping rocks and Indian Head from where you can sight a variety of marine animals including sharks floating close to the beach. From top of many big sand dunes you can do sand tobogganing that involves coming down from top of a dune at a speed of 50 to 70 km per hour holding on to a sand board. The wonderful perched lakes are just the place to relax and so are the Champagne pools, Fraser Island tours would not be complete without snorkelling to explore the water world. Here you'll see the colorful corals, reef fishes, giant turtles and many other marine plants and animals. Fraser Island night tour for which sunset safaris is famous for, will take you to see the Maheno shipwrecks at night with the underwater lights illuminating the transparent kayaks, the place looks magical. This tour company also offers other Australia holiday tour packages and with their friendly tour guides looking after all minute details, your holiday are sure to become smashing hits.

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Top travel destinations for Canadian foodies

Canada's rich ethnic diversity brings so many unique benefits to those of us living here. Our fashion, food, sport and lifestyle industries are influenced and shaped by many exotic and distinct cultures. As foodies, we are introduced to, and have access to, an endless number of possibilities. The passion we develop for these cuisines often leads us to explore the cultures in which they originate.

Here are some of the top destinations for Canadian foodies in 2016:

Vietnam: The street vendors in Ho Chi Minh City offer some of the most amazing food experiences in the world. The busy, crammed streets filled with all kinds of local cuisine such as pho, provide an experience for all five senses as well as a true understanding of why Vietnamese food is increasing in popularity at home

Italy: A must visit for any foodie; once you experience authentic Italian cuisine you will quickly understand why it is so popular globally. It is unfair to speak specifically to Italian food as each region of the country offers a unique culinary experience. This is a must visit for any wine connoisseur as well.

Brazil: With the summer games approaching later in 2016, Brazilian cuisine will receive a lot of attention this year. This unique South American cuisine takes classics like rice and beans to an entirely new level. Moqueca Capixaba is an experience not to be missed by any fish lover.

Minimizing travel costs is important for us all. Saving money on travel lets you focus your resources on what matters – the food. "Aeroplan members are now able to cover all their flight costs with Aeroplan Miles," said Pierre-Jean Mayol at Aeroplan. "This includes the taxes, fees, charges and carrier surcharges associated with your flight reward." For the foodie on the go, members are able to book their flights on the fly with the Aeroplan app.

Canada's rich ethnic diversity brings so many unique benefits to those of us living here. Our fashion, food, sport and lifestyle industries are influenced and shaped by many exotic and distinct cultures. As foodies, we are introduced to, and have access to, an endless number of possibilities. The passion we develop for these cuisines often leads us to explore the cultures in which they originate.

Here are some of the top destinations for Canadian foodies in 2016:

Minimizing travel costs is important for us all. Saving money on travel lets you focus your resources on what matters – the food. "Aeroplan members are now able to cover all their flight costs with Aeroplan Miles," said Pierre-Jean Mayol at Aeroplan. "This includes the taxes, fees, charges and carrier surcharges associated with your flight reward." For the foodie on the go, members are able to book their flights on the fly with the Aeroplan app.


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New Lightwater Valley addition Treetop Nets is a success in its first few weeks of opening

This summer, our Yorkshire theme park Lightwater Valley has welcomed a brand new addition to its attractions in the form of a wonderful woodland escapade, Treetop Nets. It's been open for a few weeks now and so far, adventurers of all ages are loving it. With giant trampolines, suspended walkways, slides and tunnels all made from netting and hanging up to 40ft off the ground, we're not surprised it's a hit! Your family day out Yorkshire just got a lot more exciting.

Great days out in Yorkshire didn't come much better than Lightwater Valley even before we welcomed Treetop Nets. The park is unique in the sense that it combines the most thrilling and hair-raising rides with its stunning surroundings and practical leisure activities such as shops, restaurants and mini golf courses. We are even home to Europe's longest roller coaster and our most beloved attraction, The Ultimate. Lightwater Valley is not just any old theme park in Yorkshire – it's got so much more to offer than the rest.

Treetop Nets is an amazing new addition to the park and we have been really excited about opening it for a long while now. The treetop canopy course brings a whole new angle of adventure to the park and it is tonnes of fun for everyone. As well as proving fantastic entertainment for family days out in Yorkshire, it also provides great days out in Yorkshire for groups of friends or parties for specific occasions as well.

Treetop Nets isn't your average high-ropes course – it's unique in the sense that you don't actually need a harness. At every point on the course at our Yorkshire theme park, you are surrounded completely by three metres of netting, meaning you are completely safe and free to relax and enjoy the experience on your family day out Yorkshire. Although the course is open to people of all ages, some younger climbers might need the assistance of adults.

You don't need previous high-ropes experience to give the Treetop Nets course a go, either. Treetop Nets is the first experience of its kind in the UK, so all that's required from you for some extreme days out in Yorkshire at our Yorkshire theme park is some determination and a positive attitude. Anyone from the age of three years can have a go and there's no need to worry if you're a little nervous – our friendly team will always be there to answer any questions and ensure your complete safety!

If you really don't fancy travelling the heights of Treetop Nets though, that's also fine – there is plenty more to do at Lightwater Valley to keep you entertained for hours. As one of the best days out in Yorkshire, Lightwater Valley has a huge collection of attractions, from wild water rides and rocketing roller coasters to leisurely train rides and Swan Lake Pedal Boats. As far as family days out in Yorkshire go, Lightwater Valley is the cream of the crop.

The summer is the perfect time to enjoy a family day out Yorkshire, so get booked up soon to ensure your exciting day at Lightwater Valley. What better way to treat your kids during those long weeks of school holidays? Pre-bookings for Treetop Nets are highly recommended as they are already proving to be very busy, so head to www.treetopnets.co.uk to secure your place and to www.lightwatervalley.co.uk to book your theme park Yorkshire tickets. We can't wait to see you soon for a family day out Yorkshire you'll never forget!

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Top Natural Wonders of the World

This list comprises of the world's best architectural masterpieces. These portray the intelligence and the greatness of a human mind. And then there are these wonders which transcend the human ability and leave us in an inspiring Awe. These are the gifts of nature to mankind. Helping us to escape once in awhile from our busy lives. These attractions also offer a lifetime of memories to each and every one independently.

A list of these natural wonders offering serenity and wondrous joy and a bit of adventure just to reach them, has been made. Check out the mesmerizing and breathtaking locations listed out for you.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, Palawan, Philippines
Known for its cultural heritage, Philippines also is a home to one of the Natural Wonders of the world. Located in Saint Paul Mountain range on the western coast of Philippines. Also Known as Puerto Princesa Underground River, the river is 24 km long and flows 8.2 kms through a cave before flowing into west philippines sea.

It has recently been discovered that the river holds a second floor inside the cave which gave rise to minuscule waterfalls inside the cave making it more ravishing. The cave holds a record of being the largest cave rooms in the world and includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The place holds a variety of rock formations, large bats and other flora and fauna and also many river channels and deeper caves.

Offering stunning sights and exquisite beauty, a ride in this river needs to be placed on your checklist. Book now through online websites like Cleartrip to get a discount.

Angel Falls, Venezuela
The first on the list and one of the world's most favorite and magnificent waterfalls located in Venezuela. Standing high at a height of 979 meters above the sea level, Angel Falls, Venezuela is one of the most important tourist attractions of South America. This is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall with a longest drop of 807 mts. Falling from this height, most of the water evaporates even before it reaches the ground forming a mist over the surface.

Located in an isolated Jungle at the edge of Auyanteoui mountain, in the Canaima National park, the trip to the falls is a complicated task. A flight is required for you to reach the base of the falls and then a ride on the river is needed to reach the falls. Generally these rivers are deep enough to ride from June to December.

Cliffs Of Moher Ireland
Rising over 213 meters above Atlantic Ocean and stretching more than 8 kms, Cliffs of Moher are Ireland's greatest tourist attractions. They attract more than a million tourists per year. These cliffs which are a home for a variety of species of birds. Some of the oldest rocks are found at the bottom of these cliffs, which are accessible by taking a special ride in a cruise.

Offering one of the most spectacular views and a magnificent ways to connect with nature these cliffs have stand tall against the sea for years. And visiting this picturesque site once in a lifetime, yeah, that should be a prerequisite.

Cueva de los Cristales/Cave of Crystals, Mexico
Found by a group of Miners, located in the Chihuahua, Mexica, Cave of crystals acquired instant fame due to its giant gypsum crystals. The size of the crystals, some extending upto 11 meters has given them a beautified effect. The cave is still unexplored and is deteriorating because of the exposure to air.

They were formed over 500000 years ago as the earth kept the mineral rich water at a constant temperature inside the cave. They were soon to be made inaccessible (i.e., keep them flooded with water as they originally were) so as to keep the crystals from deteriorating. These are a must visit on your bucket list before or after flooding. We never know a cave with crystals underwater might offer an exceptional view. Book now through online websites like Yatra to get a discount

Fox Glacier, South Island, New Zealand
The most easily accessible ice masses of the world located in New Zealand is Fox Glacier. Stretching over a massive 13 kilometers, and reaching the coast almost at 250 mts above sea level, these glaciers offer one of the most outstanding views of ice stretches and glacier walk experiences.

Most of these walks start from a village Weheka nearby. Though it is not advised for the people to go into the glaciers some people go beyond the barriers. All in all this place with its splendid beauty offers an adventure filled visit and is to be definitely placed on your checklist.

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Appealing Shimla Attractions

Himachal Pradesh, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India homing some of the most popular hill stations certainly charm and entice all the visitors. Among those hill stations, Shimla is the prominent one which is known for its natural beauty. Shimla attractions lies in the snow-capped mountain, ice-covered twigs, green hills, sparkling lakes, vivacious surrounding and pleasing climate build the province one in all the foremost visited traveler destinations. The place is usually visited by the nature lovers whether they are honeymooners or family holidayers. There's no dearth of traveler attractions within the state. A visit to Himachal Pradesh very provides the pleasant surprise to the guests.

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is one in all the foremost lovely hill stations in Asian country. it's justly delineated  as "Queen of Hill Stations". Shimla is true destination for all those that area unit in search of tranquility and sweetness of nature. Attractions in Shimla that heavenly nature has blessed the land with innumerable gifts within the type of lovely encompassing, picturesque landscape, pleasant climate, etc. Excluding natural attractions, there area unit several different attractions within the town.


The Mall:

The Mall street may be a renowned Shimla stage that's rush with explorers. The road features a kind of in style and bright structural wonders, vital inns, eateries and therefore the offers the simplest views of the inaccessible sloping extents. Shopaholics will discover numerous retailers in Mall Road that provides woolen clothes, skill things, ceramic ware things, gems, books, and so on.


Jakhu Temple:

Organized on the Jakhu Slope, the Jakhu Sanctuary is an acclaimed attractions in Shimla that was raised to pay tribute to Master Hanuman. it's trusty that it's identical spot wherever Master Hanuman halted whereas on his mission for the Sanjivni Booti. The sanctuary homes one in all the foremost elevated sculptures of Ruler Hanuman statue at a difficult rise of eight,500 feet.


Tara Devi Temple:

Cuddled at a separation of eleven metric linear unit from Shimla, the celebrated sanctuary was developed 250 years back by a Lord of the fractional monetary unit Administration. The sanctuary is formed to pay tribute to god Tara, one in all the 10 Mahavidyas or "Incredible Astuteness goddesses accepted to be indications of Devi Anapurna.


Christ Church:

The Christ Church is a popular non secular Shimla attractions that was raised within the year 1857 to serve the Anglican English cluster in Shimla. The Congregation is implicit neo-Gothic vogue with finely 5 recolored glass windows, every of that speaks to Confidence, Trust, financial aid, Determination, Persistence and Modesty. Christ Church is that the second most seasoned Church of Northern Asian country that stands as a bright little bit of style in Shimla.


Shimla State Museum:

The Shimla state Historical center may be a standout amongst the foremost outstanding attractions in Shimla that was opened within the year 1974. The exhibition area homes av awful accumulation of Pahari works of art, wood-carvings, models, outfits, materials, gems so on.

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Make Touring Fun at Plassey Caravan Site

If the holiday season is in full flow, and you are still doubtful of your next touring destination, then this can lead to disappointed family and friends. Holiday season is the one time of the year where you all get-together and expect a relaxing retreat in the lap of nature, away from the chaos and noise of the ever active city. If you are a traveller at heart and in love with touring in motor homes, caravans or with your own tent, then the decision to go to one of the leading touring caravan sites North Wales is the best one for you. Plassey, one of the leading North Wales caravan sites, offers you the best of both worlds - a natural retreat that is environmentally friendly while being a cosy option that is set within a 237 acre spread.

Plassey caravan site also offers luxury holiday homes available for sale as well and all of these come with Wi-Fi connectivity and there is also a secure and large parking area for up to 30 caravans. This site offers a hair and make-up salon, heated swimming pool, shops and restaurants which are open every day of the week. The Plassey retreat is conveniently located for travelling to nearby areas as well, in the case that you wish to explore North Wales and its scenic beauty to the fullest - when you are freed from the multiple engaging and interesting activities found within the Plassey site of course!

Holidaying is an art and therefore proper reading up on any place and the activities and tours it offers is integral to research. At plassey.com you have easy access to all of its latest news and caravan friendly packages that allow you to spend quality time with family and friends, not to forget the most important part of your family which is your pet.

Yes, Plassey is pet-friendly and also works hard at helping to conserve the environment and thus if you holiday here you will experience one of the most conscious and eco-friendly touring caravan parks North Wales has to offer. So, why not pack your bag and get ready for an adventurous yet relaxing holiday which you can enjoy to the fullest by opting for caravans and tents that are well suited for you and your family needs. Comfort is essential when on the road and at the holiday spot if one is to make the holiday a memorable one, and Plassey is your best option in North Wales. You get access to water and electricity options and can also buy caravan essentials from shops located within the vicinity, making your trip easy.

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Top 5 Attractions of Goa Tour

Goa - of course a paradise for beach party lovers, adrenaline activities and to enjoy the real fun of holidays, is a must to see destination for tourists once in life. The beautiful tiny state in southwest of Goa is famous for glorious beaches (in both north and south Goa), dense vegetation, exotic flea markets an exquisite gardens. You cannot miss the real beauty of this verdant state that lies in its villages. It is also important to mention that life in Goa is a little slower. For those who want to indulge in the amazing natural beauty or want to create the most romantic part of their life during honeymoon, Goa is an ideal place to find and enjoy India holidays.

During your holidays and Goa trip, don't miss to explore some of the finest destinations and its attractions that are sure to keep you enticed for the time to come. Some of the wonderful and must see destinations in Goa are the following.

Beaches and Natural Beauty
Real beauty of Goa lies in its beaches that are surrounded by palm and coconut trees, jagged boulders, red cliffs, some of the top resorts and restaurants and party points. You will find Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Chapora Beach and Majorda Beach. These beaches are wonderful for water sports, to take sun bath, swim in the high waves, to have some of the finest and delicious cuisines and a lot more. Sinquerim Beach is a heaven for water sport lovers and those who want to live the life in western style. You can enjoy scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing and a lot more that will keep you enticed and persuade for memorable holidays again and again. Your Goa tour package is counted as incomplete without exploring its beautiful beaches.
Latin Quarter and Portuguese Mansion
Panjim - the capital city is worthwhile to visit for amazing architectural wonders that have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage zone in the year of 1984. It is an ideal place for narrow winding streets and lanes, quaint shops, art galleries, bakeries, restaurants and a lot more to keep you surprised. The amazing Latin Quarter and Portuguese Mansion will take you to the Portuguese era and will surprise you.

Old Goa - Must to See
Don't miss to explore Old Goa during your Goa trip. You will see a number of buildings that are become archeological museums that provide a fascinating display of Goa's History. Old Goa is known for its Convent and Church of Saint Francis of Assisi that was built in 1521. You will also see Basilica of Bom Jesus that contains the preserved remains of the body of Saint Frances Xavier - a revered missionary and patron saint of Goa.

Wildlife Sanctuaries
Goa is all about beaches and churches; while the state's location along the mountains Western Ghats that is a home to an array of birds and animals. Bhagwan Mahavir and Cotigao are the main wildlife sanctuaries to add in Goa travel. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary located in Chorao Islands is also a must to see bird Sanctuary to add in your plan for Goa travel.

Flea Market
Flea Market in Goa is very famous and famous for its mirror ethnic culture of Goa. You will find here antiques junk jewelry, beach wear, Tibetan handicrafts, brassware, Kashmiri crafts, and a lot more.

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Petra An Incredible Destination Now The Focus Of Tourists

Petra had always enjoyed special attention from the tourists when they had visited the Gulf countries. It is an excellent destination which can present you with the Ancient Arabic culture of the place with breathtaking structures built out of carving rocks. The tourism sector of Jordan is fuelled by a visit to Petra, which is the focal point of attraction among the influx tourists into the country. Petra was a region that was inhabited by an ancient Arab group called the Nabateans, who were basically nomads. They had made enough impact on the development of the region with the flourish of trade and commerce.

New crown of jewel on Petra's head

The interest of the tourists in Petra had received a boost when Petra was adjudged as one of the members of the new group of 7 Seven Wonders of the World. As an initiative by the United Nations, the new list of the Seven Wonders of the World was declared in 2007 in Lisbon. It was part of the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals. This growth in tourism has led to the further economic development of Jordan. In any chance, if you are deciding on going on a trip to the Middle East, just do not miss out trip petra which is the leading site in the Gulf as per footfall figures go.

Plan your visit

In case you have decided you visit Jordan, make such an itinerary so that you get to see this amazing city. There are many tour operators who are organizing package tours to visit Petra. In case the readymade package does not suit you, they would happily create customized packages for you. They are highly skilled, and they try to give you the best of the services at competitive rates. It can be safely said that you get great value for your money. You can arrange to go to Petra by yourself too after you reach Amman. There are ample public transport facilities available. But, if you decide to undertake the tour by yourself, you have to take care of all arrangements yourself.

Be worry free with the tour operators

If you are availing the services of the seasoned tour operators, you can rest back without any worries as they would take care of every bit of your trip petra activities. They are very professional in their approach and will see to the last point of customer satisfaction. They take charge of you as soon as you reach the city. They make arrangements for your accommodation at plush hotels and give you the taste of the cuisine from select restaurants. All transportation arrangements are made by them. You have only one job – to relish the entire tour.

A lifetime experience

The best thing which you would find about these operators is that they do not maintain a professional distance as they are charging money for what they are doing. They add individual personal touches such as personal gifting, arrangement for souvenirs which all make the tour experience so memorable. At the end of the trip, they take candid feedback from the tourists and any lacuna found immediately addressed upon. Just plan your visit to Petra, feel the satisfaction of visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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How green is my valley Nainital

The state bordering Nepal in the east is Uttarakhand. Other states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim surrounding the Himalayan Kingdom. What makes is the state of Uttarakhand unique is it is a holiday destination in India littered with lakes all around. Nestled in the Kumaon region, the place is closer to the Himalayan Mountains and hence this area is very mountainous.

Kumaon region is a mountainous place in the outer regions of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. Tourism forms the basic and most important livelihood for the residents of Nainital. A tourist frequented place is Panchachuli Glacier. Its snow-capped mountain offers a scenic view; these mountains are best viewed by trek.

Nainital is a very popular tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists. Derived from the names of one of the Major Lakes – Naini, the place has some popular tourist spots like Haldwani, Kaladhungi, Ramnagar and many more. Nainital Lake or as the locals call it – Naini Lake is located in the middle of the town. The hills surround the lake and a stroll round the foot of the lake will relieve your stress. If that's the reason you decided to come to this place then you will be stress-free in no time! Yes, Nainital offers many wondrous natural beauties that no one would feel like leaving.

One of Uttarakhand's most prized possessions is the famous Jim Corbett National Park. A nature lovers and wildlife lover's paradise, the National Park is promoted for ecotourism. Originally founded to protect the endangered Bengal Tiger, the Park houses many more species of animals, plants and trees.

Jim Corbett Park offers trekking, Safari tours, Corbett Falls and many more. The area is limited to visitors and only a few places can be visited by tourists.

Travellers will find many other places like Naina Peak – the highest peak in Nainital, Tiffin top or Dorothy's seat. Nainital is really good when it comes to having some leisure vacation.

A picturesque hill-station offering a panoramic view of the Himalayas is Kausani. A hill station in the Bageshwar district – the destination offers a scenic viewing of the surrounding on a clear sky. The lush greenery houses an amazing variety of bird species that are native to this region. Nature lovers looking forward to a pleasant holiday will find this place more than what it could offer. This place is best visited throughout the year and if you like snowfall, it would be recommended to visit this place in January – February. Although winter starts in this region from November onwards, the region experiences snowfall around the months of January and February.

Uttarakhand offers many destinations for the travellers. Nature lovers have to visit this place for all the things it offers. Be sure to include this place in your travel places to the north as it's well worth the trip. Tour guides of the Corbett Park will still be able to show you areas which can be visited. Bird-lovers and Animal-lovers will truly enjoy basking in nature's warmth and its pristine surroundings and natural beauty.

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Be An Explorer Circumnavigate These Islands In A Day

download (45)These tiny islands in the Philippines abound with various tourist attractions. Not only they have breathtaking beaches, but they also have other natural and historical spots that travelers will find interesting. These Philippine islands are so small (ranging from 9 to about 605 sq km) you can circumnavigate them in just a day while stopping to visit a number of the attractions they offer to travelers.

But to travel to these islands in one day, you must start early, to make the most of your experience. Or, explore these Philippine islands the day or night before to make the most of your exploits from sunrise to sunset.

Corregidor Island: A World War II Stronghold


Only about an hour or less away from Manila, Corregidor is the nearest where one can easily venture and it is so small, this island can be toured in one day. The easiest way is to take the tour package via the Sun Cruises, where you are ferried to and from the island, take you to the various sights around Corregidor on tram, have a sumptuous lunch at the Corregidor Inn, and enter the Malinta Tunnel. But who says you can't explore other parts of this World War II citadel in a different manner?

You can hike through the jungle or you can bike or drive an ATV around the tadpole-shaped island, from its head to its tail. Zip away from the Inn to the South Beach, where you can also kayak once you get there. Best of all, go around the island aboard one of the outrigger boats and see nearby islands, then cap it with some sport fishing before you head back to Manila.

How to get there:
Take the Sun Cruises ferry from the Esplanade Seaside Terminal. Ferry fare is part of the package.


Camiguin Island: An Island With Many Volcanoes


Another island that you can explore in a day is Camiguin. Start your whole day quest of experiencing what Camiguin has to offer from Barangay Mahinog, the western part of the island, where Benoni Port is located. Better to hire a multi-cab, which are usually parked at the port and can take you to the attractions you want to visit and enjoy. Take a dip at the Katibawasan Falls then proceed down south to the Kibila Beach and Giant Clam Santuary. Take the circumferential road as you go clockwise towards the Sto. Niño Cold Spring and Tuasan Falls before visiting the ruins of the Old Gui-ob Church and cross the sea to the Sunken Cemetery.

If you have more time, sunbathe at the sand bar called The White Island or end your adventure at the Ardent Hot Spring. Don't forget to buy some pastel as souvenir on the way back to your starting point.

How to get there:
From Cagayan de Oro, take a bus to Balingoan port, which is about 2 hours away, where ferries going to Camiguin leave every hour. The ferry takes an hour long and fare starts at Php 100 as it varies from one ferry line to another.


Siquijor Island: Veiled in Mystery



Known to be a mystique island because of the many healers that dwell here, Siquijor is often skipped by travelers, not knowing the many natural and historical gems this place holds. You can visit the various attractions of the island in just a day. As you arrive at Siquijor Port, you are instantly greeted by the breathtaking view of the clear water, white sand, and the green mountains. At the port, tricycles offer travelers a tour of the island. Better yet, rent a motorbike that you can ride as you circumnavigate the island.

But first, drop by at the St. Francis of Assisi Church, which is just outside the port. Ride to the town of San Juan, which is lined by beach resorts. Stop by the Century Old Balete Tree as you enter the town of Lazi and get some ticklish foot spa from the fishes. Visit the San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent at the town proper, then have a thrilling swim at Cambugahay Falls where you can swing by the tree and dive to its waters. From there, cliff dive at the Salagdoong Beach in Maria town. As you go counterclockwise circling the coastal areas, stop by some beach fronts or visit a healer for some relaxing experience. After that, continue on and before you know it, you are back at the Siquijor Port.

How to get there:
From Dumaguete or Cebu or Tagbilaran, take a ferry that plies the Siquijor destination. There are several ferry lines and schedules each day that you can choose from. The shortest route is from Dumaguete, which takes an hour long and fare starts at Php 160 as it varies from one ferry line to another.


Guimaras Island: The Land of Sweet Mangoes


Guimaras Island is another destination that you can tour within a day. Arriving at the Jordan port, you will find the Tourism Assistance Desk that can provide you with information on how you can tour the island, along with tricycles that you can hire as you go around Guimaras. In Jordan, you can see several attractions, such as the Smallest Plaza, Museo de Guimaras, Balaan Bukid Shrine and the Trappist Monastery.

Know more about the sweet mangoes of Guimaras at the Mango Research Center. Turn south to Nueva Valencia town, where the Guisi Lighthouse and Beach, Villa Igang Mangrove Trails, and Alubihod Beach are found. Go counterclockwise as you go to the western part of the island up to its northern tip. Visit mango plantations along the way, have fun at the Camp Alfredo Adventure Resort in Sibunag, view the Guimaras Windmills in San Lorenzo, go to the Roca Encantada and Navalas Church in Buenavista, then return to Jordan. If you are staying for the night, devote the next day for an island hopping tour to the smaller islands nearby.

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