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Now Book Your Bus Ticket at Your Finger Tips Stonehenge Ecommerce

download (44)Few years back, bus ticket booking was a challenging task for most of the Indians. Right? And, bus is one the most cost-effective ways to travel one city to other. For most of the Indians, bus is the most preferred medium to travel. Earlier it was not easy to get the desired bus ticket in less time. But, with the upgrades and improvement in technology, it becomes an easy affair.  Let's take a quick look on the flashback of the past, when we had to wait hours just for booking the bus ticket or look for an agent if we want ticket on urgent basis but the charges levied by agents certainly burn the holes in our pocket. Isn't it? But, ever since the advent of Internet things become much easier than ever before. Now, anyone can book their bus ticket on their fingertips at the comfort of home. Just like other things, now bus ticket is also available at your fingertips.

Although there are so many websites available for booking bus ticket but some of them are quick, easy and reliable. Want to know these websites? Alright, let's take a quick look: redbus, yatra, makemytrip and runBus which is promoted by Stonehenge ecommerce Private Limited. By using them, you can book your ticket within seconds.They have live ticket inventory which allow you to check the real status of the tickets available.To book your but ticket, all you need to do is select your current city, desired destination, journey date and number of ticket that's all and you are ready to go. You can use your debit or credit card for the online transaction. Or, you can check whether the website is also offering bus ticket on cash on delivery option. As many websites are also offering COD services in some cities. If the website is not offering COD service, you can proceed with net banking or debit card/credit card. Once your transaction is completed, you will receive a SMS on your mobile number and an email which contains all the relevant details of your journey.

Enjoy 100% Safe and Secure Transaction While Paying Online

To make the online transaction highly secured, most of these websites use SSL (secure socket layers) to protect sensitive bank details of their esteemed clients. By using SSL, bank account number, debit card or credit card number, CVV, atm pin number, expiry month & date and all other information are protected in a secure manner. The additional benefit which a user gets from booking the ticket online is that if due to any reason, user is not able to travel he/she can refund the bus ticket and get their money back in the account. When you cancel your bus ticket, you will be provided by a PNR number which helps you to check the refund status of your ticket online. What else a traveler need, if there are bundled benefits of booking bus ticket online? From next time, whenever you have to visit to the other city always prefer to book your bus ticket online and enjoy endless benefits.

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Shopping in the North East

download (43)What is travelling without shopping? Nothing! It's worth buying a few souvenirs that will jog your memories for years to reminiscence your visit. One has to be utmost careful when shopping at travel destinations as it's not your home town where you can simply splurge! The North-East offers a lot of places where you can visit to full fill your shopping wish and it will not need to burn a hole in your pocket. When travelling to a destination, the items for sale and discounts presented by the shop keepers may seem enticing enough, but not discouraging enough to stop you from buying. If you have cash to burn, then it's a different matter altogether. TravelHot offers some amazing travel packages to the North-East.

The most attractive and the most eye-catching of all the shopping items on your list will surely be –handicrafts. Gangtok has many souvenir shops and Lal Bazaar is the best place for shopping. Bargain hard before buying any handicrafts and souvenirs, they are worth it. MG road presents souvenirs on a pricey side and no bargaining is encouraged here. Travellers will find many things to buy besides handicrafts; they will also find bamboo products, wood carvings. If clothing is of any interest to you I would strongly recommend you to buy some traditional Sikkim's wear or any dresses that have traditional designs printed on them. You can also buy some Buddhist artefacts as well.

The next of the list of shopping destinations in the North-East is Darjeeling. Suggested items to buy when in this pristine Hill station are thangka – Tibtiean Paintings, Nepali Khukri and some brass objects. When in Darjeeling visit shopping places like: Chowk bazaar, Chowrasta and Mahakal Market.   In Darjeeling, there will be many stores that sell variety of items – it's the most visited place in the country for tourists. Subtle areas of interest which travelers will find are handlooms, jackets, saris, shawls and many more such items.

Lachung may not offer many options for shopping but there are things that will make you want to buy. Travellers will find local souvenirs, woollen clothing and few things that will be of little interest to you. Why did I recommend it? There are a few things like jewellery items and accessories.  Lachung is a cold place and it offers a good choice when it comes to winter wear. The choices here may not be that great but there's something for everyone.

Whenever one travels to different destinations, it is important to get carried away with the shopping. Shopping can be time consuming and making judicious use of the time allotted is the best thing what one should do. Travel itinerary is usual time bound, and if coming in a group one person's time may not be accommodated in the other one's schedule. These are the simple things that one should bear in mind to make sure a vacation is enjoyable and enough time has to be devoted to the other activities like sightseeing, shopping, eating, get acquainted with the local culture and many more.

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