St Lucia: The Top Places to Visit

A tropical paradise in the Lesser Antilles shrouds itself in rainforests, beaches, highlands and, of course, the crystal clear water characteristic of the Caribbean. St Lucia attracts thousands of tourists each year with some staying at one of the luxurious homes in St Lucia and others booking the all-inclusive resort. If this is your first time visiting, check out St Lucia’s must-visit places.

St Lucia The Top Places to Visit

Climb Gros Piton

The second highest peak on St Lucia stands at 798 metres in the southwest corner of the island. Hiking to the top is a favouriteactivity for those looking to escape the resorts. As you ascend the hill, expect to pass through rainforest and to witness an abundance of wildlife including tropical birds and monkeys. Reaching the peak often takes a few hours, and it’s advisable to start early in the morning to avoid the midday heat.

Enjoy the Sulphur Spring

St Lucia’s sulphur spring holds the title as the world’s only drive-in volcano. As you approach the springs, expect to see clouds of smoke rising from the top with the distinct smell of sulphur lingering in the air. Whether you want to come for aspa treatment or just admire the views, the Sulphur Spring is one of the island’s top attractions.

Take a Mud Bath

St Lucia has a number of mud baths a short distance from the Soufriere Hills. Those looking for a little therapy and relaxation can head down to the pools and soak for a while. Not only is the bath therapeutic but the surrounding volcanoes provide spectacular scenery. According to the spas, the mud baths date back to French colonial days and are the perfect remedy for skin ailments and stress.

Marigot Bay

Arguably Marigot Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in St Lucia if not the entire Caribbean. The bay houses a large fleet of boats, picturesque surroundings as well as a handful of resorts, restaurants and bars. Just a short distance from Castries, three steep forested hills surround Marigot Bay making it one of the more scenic areas in St Lucia. If you head down to Marina Village, you’ll find several craft shops to buy the perfect souvenir along with various shopping boutiques. Several restaurantsthat line the bay also host barbeques on an almost nightly basis.

Walk around Vigie Beach

St Lucia’s most famous beach, Vigie, attracts hordes of tourists every week. The beautiful stretch of coastline is lined with several souvenir shops, restaurants and bars. The powdery sand is popular with sunbathers relaxing in the afternoon before going for a dip in the warm waters and snorkelling. Vigie Beach provides one of the best sunsets in all of St Lucia too. Regardless of the type of vacation, spending an afternoon on this beach is a must in St Lucia.

Visit the Botanical Gardens in Soufriere Estate

Covering a vast area of 2000 acres the botanical gardens sits inside a portion of tropical rainforest. Stroll through and enjoy the diversity of flora including orchids, hibiscus, ferns and jasmine. Spending a few hours inside the tropical wonderland provides a shady place to relax for a few hours as you enjoy the biodiversity of St Lucia. There are hot pools and an onsite spa at the Soufriere Estate’s Botanical Gardens too.

Pigeon Island

If you’re a fan of history and want to visit one of the St Lucia’s historical attractions, head to nearby Pigeon Island. Stroll around the small area and enjoy the remnants of a former fort with cannons, battlements and through some of the remaining ruins. Few take the time to visit, butit’s worth exploring if you’re in St Lucia.

The Treetop Adventure Park

Ziplining grows in popularity around the world with many destinations establishing audacious lines passing high in the treetops. Adrenaline junkies can experience flying through the canopies at the Treetop Adventure Park. Expect to speed down the line through trees while surrounded by greenery and forest. Keep your eyes open for the colourful tropical birds perched on the branches. This activity isn’t for everyone, but it makes a fun thing to do for thrill seekers. Other activities inside this park include joining a safari or cycling along the trails.

Spend a Day at Splash Island Water Park

If you’re travelling to St Lucia with your kids, consider spending the day at Splash Island Water Park. Not only does the park boasta number of slides and opportunities to use inflatable rafts but it also has a nice section of beach. Rope swings, monkey bars and trampolines make this water park one of the favourite places in St Lucia for kids.

Go Shopping at Castries Market

Located on Jeremie Street, Castries market sells everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to various types of handicraft. Those looking to buy a unique souvenir or to get a taste of the local culture can head down to this market. Stroll through the stalls and observe the locals going about their daily life and enjoy the tropical fruit. If you’re thirsty, grab a coconut to quench your thirst. Keep your eyes open to see the best handicraft made by local artisans, which will make an excellentsouvenir of St Lucia to bring home.

The Best Places to Visit in St Lucia

From lounging on the beach to taking the kids to water parks and hiking the island’s tallest peak, holidaymakers of all ages and interests are sure to find a paradise in St Lucia. Enjoy the environment and savour the natural beauty while taking a walk on the wild side by ziplining through rainforest canopies.