The Best Grilled Delicacies to Taste at Punjab Grill

If you are planning to dine out with your friends or family and are searching for something that is going to break the monotony of having the same type of dishes again and again, then you must head out to Punjab Grill and enjoy the scrumptious grilled and barbecued dishes.

Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill is a popular place, which has carved its niche in the city and become one of the best restaurants to have grilled food. With a flawless bar arrangement, Indo western interiors, stylish exteriors, casual and comfortable dining experience, it is amongst the places that have a homely aura along with a modern touch.

Here are some of the best grilled delicacies that you must taste at Punjab Grill:

Tandoori Chicken

Every time someone talks about grilled food, the list always starts with Tandoor Chicken and this is the reason why Punjab Grill has made an extra effort to serve this dish nothing less than perfection. The taste of Tandoori Chicken is way better when compared to other restaurants. It is spicy and has a particular smoky flavour, which is extremely appetising. Along with the taste, the presentation of the dish also works up your appetite.

HarraBharra Kebab

Amongst the vegetarian culinary delights, the first grilled vegetarian item that will make you fall in love with the restaurant is Harra Bharra Kebab. It is prepared with the help of spinach and mashed green peas. Cottage cheese, commonly known as paneer, is also used in its preparations. To make it slightly spicy, herbs are added. These herbs are hand-picked by the chefs to make sure that quality and taste are not compromised. The kebabs are neither too soft nor too hard and are perfectly grilled.


Aloo is a classic favourite for most people and therefore the chefs at Punjabi Grill prepare a dish called BharwaanAlooPothohari. It is amongst the most ordered vegetarian grilled delicacies. The potatoes are stuffed with various vegetables along with some pine nuts and dried plums. After that, it is marinated with some spices and then cooked in the tandoor. It is served hot and steamy with a chutney and a sip. You must definitely try this delicacy if you are fond of potatoes.

Chicken Kurkuri

Chicken Kurkuri is prepared with wonton skin rolls. Chunks of chicken are filled inside them and juliennes of mushroom are added. Several exotic ingredients like olives, celery, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes are used in its preparation. After the ingredients are put together, they are rolled in the yummy Savory Sevian, also known as vermicelli. Later, it is golden fried and served. It seasoned with spices and offered along with a dip that complements its taste.


If you visit Punjab Grill, you cannot leave without trying Raunaqeen Seekh. The seekh kebabs of this restaurant are legendary and they will make you forget about the tastes of the kebabs that you must have had previously. All seekh kebabs are prepared in such a way that the customer can enjoy distinct flavours of spring onion, mint, tomatoes and coriander coupled with the smoky succulence of the tandoor. The kebabs will melt in your mouth and will leave you craving for more.

In addition to these dishes, Punjab Grill also serves a delectable spread of buffet, which includes a wide range of choices in soup, chicken, rice, breads, biryani, vegetarian and non- vegetarian curries.

Address: Punjab Grill, F18, 2nd Floor, Food Court,, Select Citywalk Mall,, Saket, Saket District Centre, District Centre, Sector 6, PushpVihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

So, the next time you want to enjoy some really great grilled delicacies, you must head out to Punjab Grill.