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Top 5 Attractions of Goa Tour

Goa - of course a paradise for beach party lovers, adrenaline activities and to enjoy the real fun of holidays, is a must to see destination for tourists once in life. The beautiful tiny state in southwest of Goa is famous for glorious beaches (in both north and south Goa), dense vegetation, exotic flea markets an exquisite gardens. You cannot miss the real beauty of this verdant state that lies in its villages. It is also important to mention that life in Goa is a little slower. For those who want to indulge in the amazing natural beauty or want to create the most romantic part of their life during honeymoon, Goa is an ideal place to find and enjoy India holidays.

During your holidays and Goa trip, don't miss to explore some of the finest destinations and its attractions that are sure to keep you enticed for the time to come. Some of the wonderful and must see destinations in Goa are the following.

Beaches and Natural Beauty
Real beauty of Goa lies in its beaches that are surrounded by palm and coconut trees, jagged boulders, red cliffs, some of the top resorts and restaurants and party points. You will find Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Chapora Beach and Majorda Beach. These beaches are wonderful for water sports, to take sun bath, swim in the high waves, to have some of the finest and delicious cuisines and a lot more. Sinquerim Beach is a heaven for water sport lovers and those who want to live the life in western style. You can enjoy scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing and a lot more that will keep you enticed and persuade for memorable holidays again and again. Your Goa tour package is counted as incomplete without exploring its beautiful beaches.
Latin Quarter and Portuguese Mansion
Panjim - the capital city is worthwhile to visit for amazing architectural wonders that have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage zone in the year of 1984. It is an ideal place for narrow winding streets and lanes, quaint shops, art galleries, bakeries, restaurants and a lot more to keep you surprised. The amazing Latin Quarter and Portuguese Mansion will take you to the Portuguese era and will surprise you.

Old Goa - Must to See
Don't miss to explore Old Goa during your Goa trip. You will see a number of buildings that are become archeological museums that provide a fascinating display of Goa's History. Old Goa is known for its Convent and Church of Saint Francis of Assisi that was built in 1521. You will also see Basilica of Bom Jesus that contains the preserved remains of the body of Saint Frances Xavier - a revered missionary and patron saint of Goa.

Wildlife Sanctuaries
Goa is all about beaches and churches; while the state's location along the mountains Western Ghats that is a home to an array of birds and animals. Bhagwan Mahavir and Cotigao are the main wildlife sanctuaries to add in Goa travel. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary located in Chorao Islands is also a must to see bird Sanctuary to add in your plan for Goa travel.

Flea Market
Flea Market in Goa is very famous and famous for its mirror ethnic culture of Goa. You will find here antiques junk jewelry, beach wear, Tibetan handicrafts, brassware, Kashmiri crafts, and a lot more.

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