What Are The Worst Tourists In The World?

We are always happy to go on holiday abroad … Figure-you that the premises, they, are not always happy to welcome us! Some people simply hate us … What are these hated tourists? For what reasons) ?Investigation.

Which tourists are most hated?

In France, we do not like Asian tourists (“They make too many photos”) or the Russians, which many find disrespectful!
It falls well the French tourist is not appreciated either abroad. However, according to a recent survey (Travel Zoo / 2015), the French are not (or more) the most hated tourists in the world. The Americans would now come first.

Some numbers !

  • 69% of Americans admit to having already stolen the slippers available in hotel rooms.
  • 10% of Germans admit to having already deceived their partner during a stay in a foreign country.
  • 58% of Canadians admit to having already “pee” in their hotel’s pool.

Some Tips to Be a “Perfect Tour”

  • Foreign languages : Make efforts! Learn some basic expressions of the country where you are (hello, thanks, goodbye, see you soon …).
  • Adapt yourself to the country : Soak up the culture and different ways of food of the country. Respect the traditions and behave like a local, you will be adored!
  • The camera is good but not too much! Take advantage of the moment. The beautiful memories will remain engraved in your memory.
  • Be generous! Yes, of course, generous tourists are very much appreciated! Do not forget to leave a tip to the waiter who was friendly or again during your taxi trips. Attention, in some countries this practice is not common! More tips on the backpacker’s website!