What you Can Expect from a Self-Driving Holiday in Sunny California

Of all the US states, California holds a special appeal, for both foreign and domestic tourists, and if you are going to explore this vast expanse of territory, a campervan is the ideal form of transport. Not only are you fully self-sufficient, you can plan your route to maximise the attractions you take in, and with the iconic Pacific Highway that runs from San Francisco to Los Angeles, you can experience the amazing vistas and stop whenever the fancy takes you. Regarding the vehicles, here is a detailed list of facilities you can expect to enjoy on your self-driving holiday through the sunny state of California.

  • Climate Control – When you rent a camper, it is equipped with both a/c and heating, and with a separate stand-alone heater, the cold desert nights will not be an issue. When you rent an RV in the USA, they seem to think of absolutely everything, and there’s even a kitchen sink on board.
  • Fully Functional Kitchen – Yes, even with a small RV rental, you can expect to have everything you need to prepare a gourmet meal, and that would include refrigeration, a selection of pots and pans, crockery and cutlery and there’s even a dish towel for the washing up. Once you have stocked up with provisions, there’s no limit to where you can go, and with a good supply of water, you can visit really remote areas.
  • A Very Affordable Holiday – With no accommodation costs and cheap RV rentals, this will be a very affordable holiday, so much so that you can probably afford to add another week on the schedule. Driving around in California, you will find there are RV rentals near me, as this is a very popular type of holiday for the locals, and when you look at the cost of a two week hire package, it’s easy to understand why.

you Can Expect from a Self-Driving Holiday in Sunny California

  • Friendly Advice and Support – The rental company would have many years of experience providing RV and campervans, and with an established company, they would have the resources to offer round the clock support, and while it is highly unlikely the vehicle would malfunction, you need the reassurance that they have you covered whatever happens. They would also know of many local attractions that are not on the tourist maps, which is a bonus.
  • A Wide Range of Environments – If you pick up your RV at San Francisco, you can amble along the iconic Pacific Highway, which offers stunning views, and then you have the bustling city of LA, which is the home of Hollywood. If you like the wide open expanse of rugged terrain, the Mohave Desert is the place to go, and there are mountain routes that offer stunning views.

This will be a family holiday to remember, and it is likely not to be the last time you spend your valuable downtime on the road, as most people repeat a self-driving holiday the following year, with perhaps a change of destination.