Where To Go During The Christmas Holidays

As Christmas approaches, it is a perfume of magic and traditions that envelops the different countries. This year, you want to live Christmas otherwise but you do not know which destination to choose. So, where to spend a Christmas that will leave a magical memory here are some destinations that could please you: at the same time I wish to transmit to you my passion for the journey and the discovery of new horizons.

Christmas magic in Lapland

Discover this white paradise where change of scenery is guaranteed. Enjoy unforgettable experiences, with the Santa Claus meeting on December 24th (the real one!) A multitude of activities are proposed to you: to make skiing, to ride in huskys sleighs, to go snowmobiling through the snowy forests on frozen lakes … Everything is there to enchant the young as well as the great! Succumb to the spectacular magic of the aurora borealis.

An unforgettable moment in New York

Discover New York in the winter promises you a wonderful adventure unforgettable.

Once there, you will be seduced by the typical atmosphere with thousands of lights. Do not miss the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, the shop windows wonderfully decorated. For your family getaway, this is indeed the flagship destination.

Originality in Thailand

How about spending a few days relaxing with your family or two on the paradisiacal beaches of Phuket that offer delight to all those who want a Christmas under the palm trees, feet in the water. Place to flip-flops, shorts and sunscreen!