Yes, You Can And You Must Go Around The World Or Travel With Your Baby Or Young Child!

Having a baby means challenging many things. Notably its way of life. Generally, the happy new parents accept it very willingly: a baby this life is changing . Many of us believe that it is up to parents to adapt to their child, not the other way round.

So why would it be otherwise when traveling? Traveling with a baby means traveling differently . If you have traveled before, alone or in a couple, you will not necessarily be able to travel the same way when baby will point the tip of his nose.

This is not the time to put his desires and dreams of traveling to the closet, or to put them back to “when the children are bigger”.

We must therefore consider the journey differently . A trip that meets the needs and expectations of all, parents and babies, without exception.

To talk about our experience, we try to respect the natural rhythms of our baby .Respect his rest time and his playing time (I develop more in this article ). In short, we travel more slowly, plan fewer visits and activities each day than in our previous trips to let our baby play and live. This so that he does not suffer this journey.

And to tell you frankly, it is not only a success for our baby: it is also for us. We appreciate this way of traveling, and ultimately we would like to slow down even more.

Let us now turn to the question of the reference points and the a priori routine necessary for the baby . When traveling, he would lose that, for we carry him from place to place, so different, so disorienting to him. Really ?…

The best cue a baby can have is his parents . Having them at his side permanently is the best stability that can be obtained. The everyday environment that changes every day is not a source of stress when the baby is reassured by a loving and caring presence at his side.

In our “modern” societies, we try to give routine and benchmarks to our babies, because they are deprived (too) quickly of the reassuring presence of their parents.So, the baby needs his cuddly to go to the crib or even a room that is the same every night, because we leave him (too) early alone for whole nights. In the end, the “modern baby” spends most of his time without his parents. So he needs palliatives to remember and reassure them without their presence …

About us, Éléanor has no toddler and co-dodo with us every night. She spends all her time with us and adapts quickly to every “new house” . Besides our presence, it has very clear landmarks. These markers, although they change shapes and locations, are nevertheless references that call for its great adaptability: a table, chairs and cutlery for eating, a bed for sleeping, shower for washing, etc. All this is different every day, but it does not matter at the end.

At the level of social interactions, evil tongues might think that such a life would make Eleanor an asocial baby, or in any case turned only to his parents. I can assure you that this is not the case. Today, at almost 2 years, Éléanor is not a wild child . She will easily play with other children and is easily tamed by adults. We had so many “compliments” about it during our trip!

I would end in one sentence this part on the “feasibility” of a trip with a baby toreassure parents worried about the practical aspects : yes, there are diapers and baby products all over the world; no, there is no excessive risk of illness when one is careful and rational (you will avoid, I think, taking baby in shorts in the jungle where malaria and dengue reign …); no, you do not need to bring in 10,000 babyaccessories (your stroller can easily be replaced with a baby carrier or a baby sling, baby cots are often available, although the cododo option remains the more practical and reassuring for the baby); yes, you can breastfeed in all the countries of the world (sometimes, not to shock, you will probably hide a little more than you do); yes, baby will be well suited to travel by plane (flights at night or at the time of the siesta are preferred, breastfeeding is an undeniable plus) and jet lag; yes, baby will adapt to new tastes and foods (you will just be careful, in Asia for example, to ask for non-spicy foods).