Benagil Cave Tour from Portimao

The Benagil caves from Portimao are the most visited tourist place in the Portugal. There are luxury boat tours to budget Portugal boat tours, which make this as a most happening place in the Algarve coastal region. These are natural sea caves, which is accessible by a boat on a high tide time and by the beach on the low tide time. This is a very important to take tour by the nature lovers, marine enthusiasts and one of the wonders in Europe destination. It is advisable to book a boat tour according to the number of people willing to take a tour to Benagil sea caves.

Benagil Cave Tour from Portimao

How to reach Benagil Sea Caves?

Benagil coordinates are 37°05′15″ North and 8°25′33″ West. The tourists must alight at Portimao Airport, which is the nearest place to take boat tours to the Benagil natural sea caves. This is a small town with urbanized values. It has all infrastructure and amenities to facilitate the international tourists. It is accessible by road and train.

Best time to visit the Benagil Caves

Portmiao is an all season place to visit for international tourists to enjoy the nightlife and inland places to see. The best time to tour Benagil caves is from May to October month. These are summer season to enjoy the sun, sand and the silent sea beaches in Portmiao.

Things to do in Portmiao

Portugal boat tours are the best to take from this place, as you can hire all types of tourist’s boats within your budget. When you travel from this location, you will be in a silent place.

  • Praia de Alvor
  • Praia da Rocha
  • Vau Beach
  • Alvor Boardwalk
  • Kite surfing
  • Zoomarine
  • Portimao Sardine Festival
  • Boat tour
  • Benagil sea cave

Benagil Cave by Kayak

A kayak is the best for tourists visiting alone or by the two people. This will give you a full freedom to visit the Benagil cave and enjoy them by taking your convenient time. You can hire a budget Kayak from Portmiao.

Benagil Cave by Speed Boat

You can take a speedboat to surf on this silent sea with scenic shore views from the sea. They are equipped with life saving gears and a guide, who can speak English and the Portuguese. The speedboat tours are available for the hourly basis. It is advisable to do advance booking to beat the tourists rush.

Benagil Cave by Luxury Boat

You can hire luxury Yacht and luxury boat from Portmiao with different boat tour packages. It comes with music, wine and dines facilities. This is the best for tourists seeking luxury in the summer month prevailing in the Europe.

Portugal boat tours are the best to book in advance. The tourists can get some discounts on advance booking. It is advisable to book Benagil cave tour under the best Portugal tour packages. You can compare the boat tour packages price and hire the least and the best boat to see the incredible Benagil sea caves.