Other Side of Colorado: Best Ideas to Saturate Your Trip

From the vast prairies with scanty plants and red cliffs to the magnificent Alpine meadows of the Rocky Mountains –in Colorado you will get an invaluable experience of communicating with nature and memories for life. And applying to the best car rental in Denver airport (there are lots of them, read the reviews to choose the best one) will make your trip more convenient.

Best Ideas to Saturate Your Trip

Actually, despite the ski resort in Aspen, in Colorado there are several more amazing places that cannot be left without attention. What to do in Colorado except climbing and snowboarding?

Visit the Poisonous Pool in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an extraordinary natural phenomenon. Traveling along its length, you can meet many amazing natural creations. At a depth of about 340 km in the canyon formed the so-called Pumpkin Stream. This is a natural reservoir with round walls of orange color.It is filled to the top with a yellow liquid of a greenish shade. In this basin, the concentration of poison exceeds the norm by more than 200 times. A small sip of such water can end fatal. If you rent a car in Denver airport, you can quickly reach it.

Walk to Mesa Verde Park

In the south-west of the state is this amazing park. It is quite large, and the main feature is the ruins of the ancient Native American houses of the Anasazi tribe. In the thirteenth century, the Indians erected these buildings, which are very similar to modern houses with many apartments. Only one room has about 100 separate living rooms.

Arrange an unusual excursion

There is such an excursion called Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour. With its help, you can feel like a real wild explorer of Colorado. This kind of excursion completely transfers to the past and the mysterious time of the gold rush of Denver, where you can learn many new things and have a great time. The bus has several directions. The most unusual is the Ghost tour, which includes the castles of Denver and Bolder in which the ghosts were noticed. The cost is about 20-25 USD.

Do shopping

Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado, which means there are a great variety of shops here.

The most famous shopping center is the 16th street Mall with different brand shops – from expensive to the most budget ones. It is located in the center of the city, on its main street. Also in the shopping center, there is a cinema and various cafes and restaurants. Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a real shopping center with more than 200 shops. Colorado Mills is notable for the fact that it combines outlet shops and regular stores. And if you’re lucky, you can also get on a black Friday, which is usually on the last weekend of November. Practically all stores declare discounts from 30 to 90%.

Look at the remains of dinosaurs

If you came to Denver, we advise you to visit this amazing place – the park Dinosaur ridge. In addition, in Colorado, there is another large park devoted to the finds of the dinosaurs’ remains – Dinosaur National Monument.The park is close to Utah, about 300 mile far from Denver. However, if you take a car from car rental in Colorado, it’s no problem to get there. Once, 100 million years ago, dinosaurs wandered here. Over the years, the bones of the dead animals covered with mud and sand, they were saturated with silica, and as a result, they became similar to stones. Everything around reminds of those times.